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Abs training risks that you are taking with traditional ab training

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When you are using traditional ab training methods and techniques, you are taking some big risks. It is a very dangerous abs mistakes that you make. It's not your fault because this is how traditional abs training works. You want to create six-pack abs or want to have awesome abs and that is why you are trying different techniques and methods. But you need to know more about the risks you are taking so that you can be careful about them and prevent any possible problem.

Know about these three unnecessary risks of traditional abs training so that you can prevent them.

Abs training risk 1: accelerated ageing

If you are performing lots of crunchers and other faulty abs training methods, it will show up in the visible sign of your hunch. This is a condition which is evident in many people who train hard for great abs. It is even seen in case of people who are fit and have a six-pack. It is known as kyphosis. If you engage in poor abs training, it will cause overactive upper abdominals which will pull the upper body forward. As a result of that it will create a stooped posture which will increase stress on your low back. Your abs will be unbalanced and as a result of that will actually pull your breast bone to your big bone and compress your internal organs. So the abdominal organs in your body will become stuck. They will not be able to function properly as they should if there is no disturbance. That will cause accelerated disease and ageing.

Abs training risk 2: bulging pot belly and back pain

There is another visible effect of unbalanced core strength. It is a pot belly. If you train your abs in the wrong way, it will make you look fatter and there will be no point in training so hard to create six-pack abs. This happens because when you train your abs the wrong way, it will over tighten the hip flexors. The psoas major, which is one of the hip flexors starts on the discs of the lower back and inserts on the top of your thigh bone. Wrong abs training will shorten and tighten your hip flexors and will pull your pelvis forward and down. You will have a sagging belly and as a result of that you will look 5 to 10 lbs heavier than you are. The distorted pelvis resulting from the wrong exercises will also cause serious back problem and pain.

Abs training risk 3: serious disc damage

If you are doing the wrong exercises and doing them in the wrong way, abs training can cause serious disc damage. Most of the abs exercises available today force your spine into extreme flexing and it can increase intra-discal pressure. If the pressure is too much, it can cause fluid inside your disc go out. In such cases, problems like disc protrusion or disc hernias may happen. Treatment of such problems will take months and the treatments are painful. You probably won't like to have such type of injuries and undergo such treatment options.

There are right abs training available which can be done in the right way without any of the risks involved to your body.


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