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excessive sweating

Dealing with excessive sweating can be tough sometimes, especially when it can cause you public embarrassment under certain circumstances. Excessive sweating can be caused by an underlying health problem that you are unaware of. This may include diabetes mellitus, a thyroid problem or an infection. Some individuals unusually sweat heavily than the others, but it may not necessarily be due to a health problem. Excessive sweating or hyperhydrosis can be harmless and it is difficult to point out whether the hyperactivity of the sweat gland may be caused by a health issue or not until you get tested by a doctor. Until you know for sure if you have other medical problems that cause you to sweat profusely, self management of excessive sweating is important for proper hygiene and to avoid the possibility of embarrassment.

Use antiperspirant

Antiperspirant products are effective in locking down the sweat and its odor. Upon applying it on the skin, it remains on the skin surface and works to plug the sweat glands to prevent it from producing more sweat. It is applied in areas prone to sweating, such as the underarm, hand and feet. Make sure that the antiperspirant you use will not cause any burning sensation when applied. Otherwise, it might harm your skin and cause irritation. There is also a difference between an antiperspirant and a deodorant. The former will prevent sweating while the latter will not and will only prevent body odor.

Manage a sweaty feet

If your feet sweat a lot, you must be mindful about the kind of shoes you are wearing. Shoes made of leather are better in protecting the feet from sweating. Wear absorbent socks that will prevent moisture from building up to your feet. Soft socks made from natural fibers are excellent in absorbing moisture. Preventing your feet from getting clammy and wet is important to prevent developing an athlete's foot and bad odor. Changing your socks twice a day is helpful for keeping your feet dry. Whenever possible, wear sandals instead of enclosed shoes. Make sure that the shoes are dry before wearing them. You can also use an antiperspirant on your feet if your sweating is very excessive.

Explore treatment options for excessive sweating

If you think that simple remedies may not be sufficient in managing your excessive sweating, there are the so-called no sweating devices that can help you obtain relief from hyperhydrosis. This is the iontophoresis machine that you can use at home by immersing your feet on a tub of water and the device will send a low voltage current through the water. This is a good treatment option to control sweating of the hands and feet. About 6 to 10 treatments will suffice to break down the sweat gland activities. The effect, however, is temporary and you need to apply the device at least three times a week to maintain control over the sweat gland activities. In certain individuals, they use the device only once a week or when needed.

Your doctor can also recommend using a botulinum toxin that can be injected into the underarm. It is a safe antiperspirant agent that is approved by the FDA and has been widely used among post-menopausal women who experience excessive sweating. The chemical agent works to temporarily block the substance that can induce the sweat gland to become active. It has a long term effect of preventing hyperhydrosis of at least 6 months, and when needed you will be re-treated again. Certain medications may also help in controlling sweating, but they come with some side effects, such as dry mouth and a blurry vision. The last recourse of treatment to control hyperhydrosis is surgery to remove the sweat glands permanently.

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Seeing white patches on the skin may indicate vitiligo. The patches can spread across the body and the cause may be due to the destruction of the melanocytes, which are the cells that are responsible for creating pigmentation or color to the skin. The extent of loss of skin color varies from one person to another and the affected area will look as plain white patches. It is possible for the condition to appear in the mouth and eyes. Vitiligo is not a contagious disease of the skin, but can have a significant impact on an individual's self esteem and confidence. It is possible to develop depression caused by the condition, which makes it essential to understand what is vitiligo and to understand the course of the disease and learning its proper management.

Who are susceptible of vitiligo and what makes you at risk

People from various races and skin colors are equally susceptible to developing vitiligo. The disease usually appears before the age of 21 and the moment one has it, it rarely goes away. This means that one has to endure living with their skin condition during their lifetime. Individuals with a family history of vitiligo are at a higher risk of developing the condition, including people with an autoimmune disease. Doctors believe that vitiligo is associated with other medical conditions, such as thyroid dysfunction. The main cause of the condition remains to be unclear, but there is a high suspicion that it is an autoimmune disease that causes the body's antibodies to attack and destroy the melanocyte producing cells. One who is exposed to certain chemical may also become suspectible to the condition. Other studies also linked vitiligo to genetic oxidative stress imbalance, viral infection and skin injuries, such as sunburn.

Classic symptoms of vitiligo

The major indication of vitiligo is the formation of white patches on the skin. It may form locally within a specific body part, such as the eyes, nose, navel, genitals, groin, armpits, and rectal area. However, the patches may form anywhere in the body on some individuals. The most common areas where the white patches appear are those skin areas that are usually exposed to the sun. The pattern of growth of these white patches is usually sporadic. Its growth can be widespread to one person, but can be localized in another. It may spread over the years to some, but may remain localized in other. It was also noted that the white patches spread quickly when one is under emotional or physical stress.

Coping with vitiligo

It is not easy to cope with vitiligo. Many sufferers experienced emotional stress because of their condition, while others are likely to develop depression and low self esteem. The idea that the skin condition may exist throughout your lifetime is stressful enough, but there are many ways of coping with the condition.

Finding a doctor who can help you treat the symptoms of vitiligo will help you manage your condition better. Professional doctors can help in giving you advice on the property coping mechanisms to observe during the course of the disease and can offer you various forms of treatment options. Cosmetics that can cover the white patches can also help you improve your skin appearance. It also helps to form a support group where you can mingle with other people with vitiligo and ask for advice on how they cope with their condition positively.

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Do you feel like you always lack the energy to do some meaningful activities every day? People sometimes experience unusually fatigued to a point that they do not stay focused and with no enough energy to make them accomplish tasks without easily getting tired. There are many causes why people feel tired very easily and understanding these cause and to eliminate them will help you get back to your active self again. There are also different ways by which you can help yourself rejuvenate. This includes knowing which approach will work best for you. Every individual is different and your body may respond and cope with stress differently. Having said that, your first step of saying goodbye to your tired self is to know the cause that makes you feel unproductive every day.

Top 3 causes why you are tired

There are different causes why you feel tired most of the time. The key to finding this out is to record your activities that you do in order to see how your body responds to them. Here are some of the top causes why you might feel tired all the time.

  1. Sleep

The lack of sleep or over sleeping can cause your body to lose the energy it needs during the day. There are people who get 4 to 5 hours of sleep, but are still energetic and active while there are those who get more than 8 hours of sleep a day, yet still feel tired after waking up. It is best to learn the ideal number of hours sufficient enough to re-energize your body and stick to it. Longer hours of sleep or the lack of it might cause your body to lag, making you feel tired most of the time.

  1. Overdoing physical activities

Exercising more than you should might also cause harm to your body by pushing it to the limit. Doing lighter workouts more frequently will help condition your body better instead of performing strenuous exercises. Exercise will help prevent your body to become sedentary that can strip it of its energy, but overdoing it or strenuous physical activities can also make you feel tired so easily. Light physical activities will keep you active and helps in the continuous flow of oxygen to your body.

  1. Stressful conditions

Stress can be a powerful source in causing havoc in the body. Mental, emotional and physical stress can induce various physiological activities in the body that can affect your hormones, making you feel tired, exhausted and hopeless.

Ways to rejuvenate and redeem your energy

It is best not to succumb to tiredness and search for the best approach that will help your body cope with stress and energize it by choosing the appropriate lifestyle changes to make you active and full of energy all the time.

  1. Stretch out

If you feel tired, it helps to stretch out a little. This will help you ease the tension from your body and restores back the flexibility of your body. Sitting for long hours can make your body sedentary. By stretching, you are breaking this vicious cycle and will help you relax better.

  1. Take iron supplements

Our body needs iron to form red blood cells to produce more hemoglobin that contains oxygen that the body needs for energy and prevent fatigue. Eating foods that are rich in iron or taking iron supplements will help the body become more active and capable of fighting fatigue.

  1. Get a massage and learn relaxation techniques

When the body is over fatigued, it simply needs to recuperate to regain back its energy. Getting a massage is the best way to keep the body relaxed as it improves the blood flow in the body and soothes tired muscles. Relaxation techniques are also excellent in helping you rejuvenate your mind and body.

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Muscle growth

Building the size of your muscles can be your ultimate exercise goal. In order to achieve success, there are certain steps that can help you embrace this challenge. If you have been spending a long time in the gym already and does not find a positive result in doubling the size of your muscle, perhaps it is time to stop and analyze what you are doing wrong in the process. You may have been training harder, but obviously with the wrong strategy that is not tailored to achieve your exercise goals. Training hard is not always the key to building muscles. It is about training smart. Here are some smart ways to help you ascertain the best plan to build muscles that will work for you.

Focus on high intensity exercises

It is a common mistake for many to exercise harder, which means doing an exercise regimen for a long time. Bodybuilding experts always recommend that to build muscle mass, it is not about the duration of the exercise that matters the most, but it is the intensity of the workout. Doing longer workout activities can be detrimental to your hormones and it will not deliver the result that you want to gain from your exercise. Your focus should be keeping the workout intensity high, such as increasing the weights that you use to build muscles. Challenging the muscle fibers to contract should be the highlight of your exercise regimen if you want your muscles to grow bigger, stronger and fuller which is attained by high intensity workouts.

Be consistent for lasting muscle growth

Muscles usually grow whenever you are consistent in challenging it to become active. Bodybuilders are usually the ones who show significant muscle growth, but the key in keeping this muscular condition is becoming consistent in performing their exercise regimen. Those who are mostly relying on growing their muscles by using weight machines are not actually strong. But with long years of consistent power lifting exercise, they were able to build the massive growth of their muscles. However, you need not become a bodybuilder in order to build your muscle size. Weight training at high intensity, even for less than an hour of regular exercise will suffice in helping you develop muscle mass.

Feed your muscles

You need not only train your muscles, but you also have to feed them. Nutrition plays an integral role in developing muscle mass and in building strength for long lasting power of sustaining high intensity activities. Foods that are high in protein content are good for muscle building, especially in gaining strength and muscle gain. There are particular foods that athletes usually eat in order to gain muscle mass and this includes the following:

  • Skinless chicken “ it is a good source of protein and best in muscle repair and maintenance. It also promotes bone health.
  • Lean beef “ this is considered to be the staple in building muscle. Beef contains the complete nutrients that the muscle needs for muscle growth. Among the nutrients available in lean beef include protein, iron, B vitamin, and zinc. It also has a high content of amino acid that promotes muscle growth.
  • Eggs “ they are the most affordable source of protein that is convenient to prepare and loaded with other essential nutrients needed for growing muscles.
  • Cottage cheese “ this food source contains slow digesting protein that can help sustain muscle strength and maintenance. Make sure to purchase low fat or non-fat cheese.

To avoid burning all your calories quickly, it is best to eat 5 to 6 smaller meals a day, instead of eating a full meal 3 times a day. This eating habit will help your muscle to continuously metabolize and build muscles consistently.

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diabetes free

Taking control of your diabetes mellitus is possible with lifestyle changes. For many, it can be difficult and challenging, but it is always possible. The key to controlling your diabetes is understanding how your insulin reacts to your lifestyle and food intake that can affect your blood sugar level. It helps to know that diabetes management does not mainly involve medications. A healthy lifestyle can play a significant role in helping you prevent complications and even avoid the development of type 2 diabetes mellitus.

Prevention against type 2 diabetes mellitus

In most cases of type 2 diabetes mellitus, the individual will go through the pre-diabetes stage. One usually knows being at this stage whenever their blood glucose level reaches between 100 and 125 mg/dl that may indicate hyperglycemia. Having this blood sugar level can be alarming and requires your immediate attention because it only means that you are about to develop type 2 diabetes mellitus. Lifestyle changes can help in mitigating the adverse consequence of being on a pre-diabetes stage. Overweight individuals who are highly susceptible to developing diabetes are able to prevent developing the disease through a regular exercise of 30 minutes a day. Losing weight through exercise and proper diet is mostly the key to diabetes prevention. By knowing that you are at the pre-diabetes stage, there are steps that can help you avoid developing the disease with the main focus of managing your condition is on weight management.

Balancing your eating habit

The food you eat can always affect your risk for type 2 diabetes. If you already have the condition, the more you should become conscious not only about the type of food you eat, but also its proportion as well. Among the nutritions from food that has the greatest impact to your condition is carbohydrates because of its impact on the blood sugar in the body. Balancing your carbohydrate intake is essential in ensuring that you get the property amount of insulin that your body needs to make yourself diabetes free.

Being mindful about the proportion of the food you eat may entail using measuring cups to get an accurate level of nutrients that will balance the blood sugar level. This is a good strategy to count your carb intake and to control your condition. It is always best to have a variation in your meal plan. Eating fruits and vegetables are good in supplying the body with enough and not too much carbohydrates. The fiber content in them are also excellent in stabilizing your blood sugar level. If you are uncertain about how to establish a balanced diet, ask the help of a dietician to make a healthy meal plan for you.

Increase your physical activities

Obesity is a significant risk for diabetes mellitus. Keeping yourself physically active most of the time can help you burn out fat consistently. Regular exercise can help in using up the blood sugar in the body as an energy source. This will help in keeping the body’s insulin level more stable. Doing regular workouts at the gym, a simple brisk walk or a jog at the park is helpful in keeping diabetes stable and controlled. Even a simple physical activity such as walking around, carrying things and doing houseworks can help. As you exercise, make sure to hydrate yourself because dehydration can also have an impact to your blood sugar level. If you have other health condition, it is best to talk to your doctor which exercise regimen will be best for you. In certain cases, lifestyle modification can also be accompanied with adjustments on your medication intake which is best decided by your doctor to help you become diabetes free.

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losing weight

Losing weight requires commitment, determination and finding the best weight loss strategy that will work best for you. There are indeed many strategies that can help you lose unwanted fats to get a thinner and sexier body, but there is no one weight loss regimen that will work best for everyone. Every person has a distinct way of responding to a particular weight loss strategy and your goal is to find out which one will best fit your condition. You can never go wrong with knowing these cardinal rules in losing weight, however, and you can always apply these basic weight loss principles to complement your preferred weight loss plan.

Exercising with weights

Lifting weights can deliver different health benefits to the body. This includes lowering the blood pressure level, reducing the risk of heart diseases, lower the cholesterol level, develop stronger bones, improve agility and strength, promote weight loss, and stabilize the blood sugar. If your goal is to lose weight using weight training, make sure to focus on the intensity of your exercise. Choose a resistance level that will challenge your muscle strength. The heavier the weights you use, the most muscles you build. Consequently, more muscles will burn more fats by using them as an energy source, and this can help you lose weight more efficiently. The cardinal rule is to exercise for heavier weight at a lower repetition to burn more calories and enhance the weight loss effect of your workout.

Do less cardio exercise, activate hormonal activity

Ironically, you will find more people intending to lose weight doing cardio exercises for longer duration. What they don't know is that long cardio exercise has the effect of dampening the thyroid regulation that makes the body less efficient in its fat burning activity. Physical fitness experts usually recommend to focus less on doing cardio exercise when your goal is losing weight. Instead, follow the rule of regulating your hormones that are responsible for activating the body's ability to burn fats and calories faster with exercise. Lifting heavy weights will stimulate your hormones to work harder on burning fat in the body to supply the muscles with the energy it needs to manage the load imposed to it. As a consequence, your hormones will be working in harmony with a common goal of burning fat that will make you lose weight more efficiently.

Limit fat intake, but not totally eliminate them

Cut back your fat intake, but it is recommended not to totally eliminate them in your diet. It is also best to consider the fact that a fat free diet will not completely solve your weight loss problem. While fats contain high concentration of calories, it is also essential in developing a better composition of the body and contributes to the production of hormones in the body. Consuming fat in moderate amount will give the body enough energy source. Only the excess fats that are not burned by the body can cause weight issues. They are also useful as fillings when paired with protein in making one feel fuller with less cravings.

Never skip meals

Controlling food intake is the usual response of dieters who want to lose weight. But this can have an adverse effect to your weight loss goals. By skipping meals, you are depriving your body from eating, thereby making you crave more and consequently eat more. This can be disastrous to your diet. Instead, it is a good rule of thumb to eat snacks more frequently, but in smaller proportion. This will help you feel more satisfied without the pangs of hunger and bouts of cravings. Eating in small portions will also keep your digestion active that will activate consistent fat burning activities in your body.

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Do you suddenly feel a burning sensation behind your chest? You may have a heartburn, a common condition that usually manifests as a pain coming from the stomach and extends to the neck and the throat. It usually gets worse when bending over or lying down. It helps to know that a heartburn is not a serious medical condition that you should be highly concerned about. Most of the time, we all experience a heartburn sometime in our life. This condition is also known as gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). This occasional burning or painful sensation that is felt along the breastbone is normal, but when they occur more persistently, it may signify a more serious condition.

What happens during a heartburn

The food we eat will normally pass from the mouth and into the stomach through the esophagus. The esophagus is composed of muscles that will rhythmically push the food down from the mouth to the stomach where they will be digested. Foods will combine with acids and enzymes in the stomach during digestion. In some cases, the acid may reflux back into the esophagus, and it can cause a sudden inflammation or damage to the unprotected esophageal lining. The condition is called as heartburn because the acid reflux will usually cause a burning sensation as it travels from the stomach back to the esophagus, which is located at the neck/throat.

Causes of a heartburn

Our food intake may cause a heartburn. The most culprits of an acid reflux are caffeine, alcohol, acidic drinks/juices, carbonated beverages, spicy foods, fatty foods, chocolates and foods that contain high acid content like pineapple, grapefruit and orange. Certain medications can also increase the risk of getting a heartburn. Well known drugs that can cause an acid reflux are beta blockers, birth control pills, anti-depressants, calcium channel blockers, anticholinergics, and sedatives. Obesity can also cause pressure on the stomach that can encourage the acid reflux to occur. Certain conditions can also weaken the lower esophageal sphincter, such as smoking and the presence of a hiatal hernia.

When to see a doctor

A heartburn is not a serious condition and normally occurs once in a while. However, you may need to see a doctor in case it occurs more frequently, such as a twice a week and you experience some swallowing difficulty. Make a doctor appointment immediately when your heartburn symptom is accompanied by wheezing, nausea and vomiting. If you are taking any medication, it is best to discuss its safety with your doctor and learn whether it can put you at risk to an acid reflux.

Preventing heartburn

Although a heartburn may not be a serious cause of concern, when it happens all the time you will likely damage your esophagus and this may result in complications. There are things that you can do in order to prevent it from happening.

  • Avoid common triggers for heartburns, such as foods and drinks that can make you susceptible to an acid reflux.
  • Modify your eating habits. It is best to eat smaller meals to allow the proper digestion of your food intake, and avoid physical activities after eating. Avoiding eating food at least 3 hours before bedtime will also help prevent acid reflux.
  • Do not wear tight clothing that can compress your stomach. They can force the food to reflux into the esophagus.
  • Avoid sleeping flat on the bed. Lie down with the head slightly raised over your body in order to prevent the food from refluxing back into the esophagus.
  • Take a medicine that will help neutralize the stomach acid, such as antacids.

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flat belly

The belly area is highly problematic when it comes to fat buildup. It is one of the stubborn areas where losing fat is very difficult to achieve. However, every person with a fat belly has many options in order to help flatten their belly the natural way. It may not involve a quick solution to losing fat, but it is always possible to get a flat belly if you observe commitment to your weight loss goals. Here are some helpful ways to get you started with the possible strategies to help you lose fat and get a flatter belly naturally.

Watch your eating patterns

All that workout you do will be worthless if you do not tame your cravings. Everything you eat will be digested and the excess fats that were not burned out by your body with its activities will be stored as fat reserves for energy. While fats can be a source of energy that will help to fuel up your body, excessive fats that are not burned will eventually form as fatty deposits that can make your belly look flabby. It is better to eat smaller amounts more frequently than eating large portions at one time. This strategy will keep your digestive system active in burning out fats consistently and avoids overloading it in breaking fats down.

Eat more grapefruits

You can slow down the process of your digestion to make you feel fuller and avoid frequent pangs of hunger and cravings by eating grapefruit. This is a common weight loss fruit popular to those who aim to lose belly fats naturally. Grapefruit has an acid that is responsible for slowing down the digestion that help you get a flat belly.

Load your body with these calorie busting foods

Counting calories can be beneficial in tracking down your progress of losing fats. However, this can be difficult to do each and every time you eat. The best solution would be to be consistent in eating whole, energy dense foods that are known to contain less calories. These foods include fruits, lean proteins, vegetables, and whole grains. They are packed with nutrition with less calories, and can make you feel full without actually expanding your belly size.

Choose fat burnout activities that suit you

It is not necessary to punish yourself to achieve a certain exercise regimen that can cause you more pressure and disappointment. If you are trying to lose weight, it is important to keep in mind the basic principle of losing weight, that is, burn more calories as much as you can. You need not go to the gym regularly or buy a bicycle to keep yourself fit and lose weight. It is more effective to find an activity that you find to be more fun and one that you are likely to stick on. If jogging with friends regularly is more fun, then opt to do this. Take a walk instead of taking your car when you are going to nearby places. Keeping yourself active most of the time can contribute in helping you lose fat on your body and reduce the size of your belly.  Find a buddy when you take a walk to make it a more fun activity to do everyday!

Drink whey protein over soy

Protein shakes are very popular to build muscles, but what not everyone knows it can also be effective in keeping the weight off and make your waist size smaller. In order to achieve this when drinking protein shakes, opt for whey protein drinks instead of soy protein shakes. Studies reveal that whey protein is more effective in losing fat twice as much as soy proteins can. Drink whey protein shakes at least every day or a few times a week.

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Have hemorrhoids caused you enough suffering, pain and embarrassment? About one in every twenty six Americans suffers from the discomforts caused by the condition that usually manifest as intense itching, pain and difficulty in sitting. Hemorrhoids are enlarged veins in the anus or lower part of the rectum. Internal hemorrhoids cause less discomfort because they are located within the lining of the rectum and most of the time, painless. Its presence is usually known because it can cause bleeding during bowel movement. When the internal hemorrhoids begin to protrude through the anus, it becomes externally bothersome and may cause intense itch, pain and bleeding.

Causes of Hemorrhoids

The most common cause of the condition include intense straining during bowel movement, constipation and pregnancy. The enlarged uterus during pregnancy can put some pressure over the veins that causes it to swell. Profuse diarrhea can also contribute to the occurrence of hemorrhoids. Other conditions that can cause pressure over the veins include chronic liver disease. The condition is not life threatening, but it can cause significant discomfort to the person affected and most of the time can be a cause of embarrassment, especially when external hemorrhoids can cause pain and make sitting difficult.

Managing your symptoms and getting rid of hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are treatable and manageable. A prolapsed internal hemorrhoid can form a lump protruding the anus. You can gently push it back inside the anus and this can help eliminate the risk of irritating the prolapsed veins that may cause it to enlarge further. An external hemorrhoid can form a clot that will make it more swollen, but usually resolves on its own. However, you need some treatment in order to ease the discomforts caused by hemorrhoid symptoms.

You are likely to experience pain when you get an external hemorrhoid that can restrict your movement. You can take pain medications to relieve the pain and may soak the affected area in a tub with warm water at least once a day for at least 5 to 10 minutes. Sitting on a warm bottle is an alternative. Medications in the form of suppositories, creams or ointment can also offer pain relief over the affected area. Constipation is your greatest foe when you have hemorrhoids. Excretion of your bowel makes the condition more painful. A remedy for this is to increase your dietary fiber intake to promote smoother bowel movement. Foods that are great sources of fiber include carrots, whole wheat, bran, brown rice, oatmeal and pears. Taking a fiber supplement will also help soften the stool.

Because sitting becomes difficult if not impossible, your best remedy is to find a rubber donut to sit on. By making yourself active through exercise, you are also promoting a better digestion that can prevent constipation. Wear loose pants or shorts and underwear in order to avoid putting more pressure over the protruding vein.

A surgical procedure is often prescribed in case the swollen vein becomes further irritated and no enough blood supply reaches the affected vein. Once infection also sets in, your doctor may find it best to remove the vein by surgery to prevent further complications to your condition. In case of thrombosis where a clot forms in the veins, the blood clot is removed by creating a small incision over it. During the surgical procedure, a local anesthesia is applied and you will experience mild bleeding for a few days. Pain medications and a warm bath can help manage your discomforts after the surgery.

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Skin whitening

Not everyone is lucky enough to be born with a white and flawless skin. The skin not only plays an important role as a barrier against chemicals and microorganisms that are harmful to the body, they are also important in building one's self esteem and confidence. Our skin color differs mainly because of melanin, which is the substance responsible for our skin color. Too much melanin will make the skin look darker or hyperpigmented. While you may find yourself having a darker skin, you are not without any remedy to make your skin whiter. With these skin whitening tips, you can build better self confidence for having a whiter and smoother skin.

Use skin lightening agents

Your skin may appear dull and with uneven skin color. Patches or brown discoloration can make your skin look darker. The hyperactivity of melanin on these skin areas is usually the reason for the uneven color of your skin. Using skin lightening agents can help resolve the problem. They contain substances that block melanin production. These skin whitening agents can work wonders for your skin and can provide significant results in transforming your skin with a smoother and even color. Skin lightening agents include tretinoin, bearberry extract, glycolic acid, salicylic acid, vitamin E, vitamin C, arbutin and Kojic acid. They are usually contained in cosmetics, moisturizers, creams and facial wash.

Use the astringent property of lemon juice

Lemon juice is more than just a refreshment. It can also be a natural bleaching agent that can whiten the skin using its acidic property. You can also take advantage of its vitamin C content that can promote skin renewal by enhancing new skin production. Its antioxidant will also prevent harmful chemicals from the environment to cause skin darkening and strip the skin's natural glow. Simply dip a cotton to the fresh lemon juice and then apply it on your skin, giving more attention in the darker areas and leave it there for at least 20 minutes before rinsing.

Create a facial mask using orange peel + yogurt

Combining a dried orange peel with yogurt will help you create a facial mask that can help in lightening skin blemishes and clear dark spots. It can whiten the skin and will make the skin look glowing. Peel off an orange and dry the peel under the sun. Wait until the peel becomes crisp and dry. Create a powder form by grinding the dried orange peel and then mixing a tablespoon of it with a tablespoon of unflavored yogurt. This will give you a facial mask in the form of a paste that you can apply on a cleansed skin. Leave the mask on for at least 15 minutes before rinsing.

Glowing skin with papaya paste

Papaya has been a popular skin whitening ingredient in whitening products like lotion, cleansers and soaps. Its powerful whitening property can be enjoyed by eating the fruit or by making a paste out of it. Papaya has papain, which is an enzyme that can eliminate dead skin by breaking down inactive proteins. It can hydrate the skin better, making it look healthier and smoother. The vitamin A content can also complement the whitening effects of papaya as an antioxidant that fight harmful elements that can make the skin look dull and unhealthy. Green papaya has higher papain content that works to whiten the skin better.

Combo whitening properties of turmeric, milk and sandalwood

Turmeric, milk and sandalwood are known as whitening agents. Combining them in the right proportion can bring you a very good whitening product which properties can clean the impurities on your skin, leaving it whiter and glowing. Make a paste by combining a teaspoon of turmeric powder, 2 tablespoon of sandalwood powder and then gradually add milk to make a paste. Leave on for 20 minutes and then rinse off.

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