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The Ultimate Plan For Doubling Your Muscle Growth

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Muscle growth

Building the size of your muscles can be your ultimate exercise goal. In order to achieve success, there are certain steps that can help you embrace this challenge. If you have been spending a long time in the gym already and does not find a positive result in doubling the size of your muscle, perhaps it is time to stop and analyze what you are doing wrong in the process. You may have been training harder, but obviously with the wrong strategy that is not tailored to achieve your exercise goals. Training hard is not always the key to building muscles. It is about training smart. Here are some smart ways to help you ascertain the best plan to build muscles that will work for you.

Focus on high intensity exercises

It is a common mistake for many to exercise harder, which means doing an exercise regimen for a long time. Bodybuilding experts always recommend that to build muscle mass, it is not about the duration of the exercise that matters the most, but it is the intensity of the workout. Doing longer workout activities can be detrimental to your hormones and it will not deliver the result that you want to gain from your exercise. Your focus should be keeping the workout intensity high, such as increasing the weights that you use to build muscles. Challenging the muscle fibers to contract should be the highlight of your exercise regimen if you want your muscles to grow bigger, stronger and fuller which is attained by high intensity workouts.

Be consistent for lasting muscle growth

Muscles usually grow whenever you are consistent in challenging it to become active. Bodybuilders are usually the ones who show significant muscle growth, but the key in keeping this muscular condition is becoming consistent in performing their exercise regimen. Those who are mostly relying on growing their muscles by using weight machines are not actually strong. But with long years of consistent power lifting exercise, they were able to build the massive growth of their muscles. However, you need not become a bodybuilder in order to build your muscle size. Weight training at high intensity, even for less than an hour of regular exercise will suffice in helping you develop muscle mass.

Feed your muscles

You need not only train your muscles, but you also have to feed them. Nutrition plays an integral role in developing muscle mass and in building strength for long lasting power of sustaining high intensity activities. Foods that are high in protein content are good for muscle building, especially in gaining strength and muscle gain. There are particular foods that athletes usually eat in order to gain muscle mass and this includes the following:

  • Skinless chicken “ it is a good source of protein and best in muscle repair and maintenance. It also promotes bone health.
  • Lean beef “ this is considered to be the staple in building muscle. Beef contains the complete nutrients that the muscle needs for muscle growth. Among the nutrients available in lean beef include protein, iron, B vitamin, and zinc. It also has a high content of amino acid that promotes muscle growth.
  • Eggs “ they are the most affordable source of protein that is convenient to prepare and loaded with other essential nutrients needed for growing muscles.
  • Cottage cheese “ this food source contains slow digesting protein that can help sustain muscle strength and maintenance. Make sure to purchase low fat or non-fat cheese.

To avoid burning all your calories quickly, it is best to eat 5 to 6 smaller meals a day, instead of eating a full meal 3 times a day. This eating habit will help your muscle to continuously metabolize and build muscles consistently.

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