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8 Simple Research Backed Methods to Make You a Happier Person

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We often find ourselves in a not-so-pleasant state of mind that last for weeks and months. With the hectic lifestyle that all of us are leading, things like long work hours, poor eating habits and a lack of sleep are very common. All of these are taking a toll on our emotions and are steering us towards unhappiness.

There is no simple definition for happiness as it is actually a state of mind. What can bring happiness to you may be insignificant for others. Although happiness is hard to define, there is one thing about it that most people will agree to “ everyone wants to be happy, but do not know how.

If you want to be happy, you have to take control of your life and make positive changes in your life. To help you with the same here are 8 simple research backed methods that will make you a happier person.


Physical Exercise

If there is one thing that you could do to make yourself happy, then it is exercise. Exercise has a dramatic impact on your mental health. Research shows that only exercise can help in treating depression and maintaining wellness to a great extent. Even if you are not depressed, exercise can make you a happier person. It can make you feel better about your body by boosting health promoting chemicals inside the brain like serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine. These chemicals help in warding off everyday stress.

Exercise should not be seen as a way of just losing weight, or preventing diseases. It is actually a way to enhance your frame of mind and make you a happier person.


A genuine smile is infectious a fake smile is likely to worsen your mood. To be really able to really able to reap the benefits of smiling, you should think positive things and then smile. It will make you happy. When you smile at others, they are likely to smile back in return creating a cycle which brings more positivity in not only your life but also of others.

Get Proper Sleep

Check if you are getting adequate quality sleep. Lack of sleep makes one more prone to negative emotions and makes you feel unhappy. Alack of quality sleep is also linked to psychiatric disorders whereas, getting adequate sleep can enhance one's self esteem and optimism, thus paving way for happiness.


Meditation is great for your overall health and it can do wonders for your happiness quotient. It can help in keeping your mind focussed and enhance your inner peace. Research also reveal that meditation leads to physical changes in the brain that makes one a happy person.

Shorten Your Commute

A long commute to work drains you of all energy; it is stressful and makes a person irritable. Make sure you have a house near your workplace; it can substantially increase your happiness quotient.

Spend Time Outdoors

Did you know that simply going out to get some fresh air and sunshine can help in improving your mood? It broadens your thinking and improves memory. Spend 20 minutes outdoors every day basking in the sun and see the changes for yourself.

Nourish Your Relationships

Give your friends and family the due time they deserve. Spending quality time with your loved ones makes you much happier. There is an interesting study that says that a pay increase cannot bring as much happiness to one's life as a quality and loving relationship.

Plan a Vacation

Did you know that people are happiest during the planning stage of their vacation as that is the phase when their sense of anticipation is highest? The simple act of planning a vacation can bring happiness in your life.