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How to Stay Healthy

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Meeting people in poor health is very common. Due to lifestyle and different other reasons, many people lose their health. Even though staying healthy is not a big task for common people before they develop different types of medical problems and chronic conditions.

What can you do to stay healthy? It is very easy to stay healthy if you know the basics and follow them.

Stay Healthy

Eat properly

To maintain your health and to stay healthy you need to eat properly. You don't have to overeat and should not eat less than you need. Too much of food will make you obese and you will suffer from different problems due to obesity. Poor diet and sedentary lifestyles other factors behind obese people.

The best diet that you can have is a balanced diet. A balanced diet will have balance of nutrients that your body needs. You do not need too much or too less of nutrients. You need the right balance. According to different dietary recommendations done by researchers who have done various researchers on different aspects of food and its effect on the human body, you should eat more

Fruits and vegetables
Lean protein
Whole grains
Fat-free or low-fat milk and milk products
And you should eat less of

Refined grains
Dietary cholesterol

Do not worry about the types of diets and fads present in relation to human diet. Most of the diets do not work. Some of them may be harmful for your body. It is better to have moderation in everything. You should never over eat and always balance what you eat.

Breakfast is very important and you should never miss it. If you skip breakfast, it may result in you eating more, later.


Exercise is a must for you because it helps you to keep healthy and live a better life. Besides helping you to burn calories and excess fat in your body, exercise also keeps you fit. If you burn more calories than what you intake, you are going to lose weight. That is why you need exercise to burn that extra calories and shed the extra amount of fat in your body.

There are different types of exercises and hundreds of experts available in this field. You'll find different types of workouts depending on the type of exercises. You can choose anything that you like or suited to your body. Primarily there are two types of exercises- anaerobic and aerobic. Anaerobic exercise helps you to increase muscle and bone density and thereby burn more calories. Weight or strength training are included in this category. On the other hand, aerobic exercises help you to build your endurance and improve heart and lung health. They give you strength and also burn calories.

Metabolism increases when you exercise and it remains in an enhanced condition even after completion of the exercise.

There are different types of simple exercises like walking, running and jogging. It is easy to find some time to walk in a park or even inside your house. Half an hour of work every day will help you much more than sitting idle.


Sleep is very important to stay healthy. You need 6 to 8 hours of sleep every night. The duration of sleep will depend on you. Slipping offers different types of benefits including eliminating the products that your body and brain produces during the day. It also keeps you refreshed and energised. Sleep deprivation and sleep related problems can cause several different medical conditions and can destroy your life. Sleeping also affects the death rate in human beings.
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