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How magnesium can help you to reduce anxiety?

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Magnesium is one of the most abundant minerals in the body. It is crucial for the human body because it has important roles to play in several bodily functions. This element provides many health benefits. It is a natural treatment for anxiety and so is used in reducing anxiety and stress.

Are there proofs?

A study done in 2017 that looked at different studies found that this element can reduce anxiety. It is effective against anxiety of different types such as mild anxiety, anxiety during premenstrual syndrome, generalized anxiety, and postpartum anxiety.

Magnesium helps in fighting anxiety and stress by improving the brain function of the person who's taking magnesium supplements or getting it from natural food sources. It has an important role to play in regulating neurotransmitters. These neurotransmitters are responsible for sending messages from the brain and body. By controlling the neurotransmitters and how they behave, magnesium can play a big role in neurological health. 

Magnesium enhances brain functions that reduce stress and anxiety. Hypothalamus is a part of the human brain that is capable of helping to regulate the pituitary and adrenal glands. These glands are responsible for the response to stress and may cause anxiety if the situation is too difficult or frightening.

Different types of magnesium

Magnesium is available in different forms such as magnesium glycine, magnesium oxide, magnesium citrate, magnesium chloride, magnesium sulfate, magnesium lactate. Most of the time, magnesium lactate or magnesium oxide or magnesium citrate are used in treating anxiety.

Foods high in magnesium

There are many foods available that are high in magnesium. These foods include leafy greens, dark chocolate, whole grains, legumes, seeds, and nuts. You can include them in your diet to get magnesium in your body.

Other benefits

Besides helping you to come down and fight anxiety, magnesium also offers several other health benefits. These benefits include-

  • constipation treatment
  • better sleep
  • reduced pain
  • migraine treatment
  • reduced risk for type 2 diabetes
  • lowered blood pressure
  • improved mood

Magnesium supplements

Getting the necessary amount of magnesium from food will be difficult for many people. In that case, they need good magnesium supplements. To show anti anxiety effects, you need to take a dosage of 75 to 360 mg a day.

These supplements help people with low levels of the crucial mineral. There are various types of supplements available that can provide the necessary levels of magnesium. Many people find immediate and long term relief by using these supplements. Your doctor can help you to find out if you are suffering from magnesium deficiency and help you to find the right dosage for you.

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