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Dark Chocolate Can Reduce Stress and Inflammation

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Dark Chocolate Can Reduce Stress and InflammationNew research demonstrates there might be health benefits to eating a lot of dark chocolate.

Discoveries from two cases introduced in the Experimental Biology 2018 Annual Meeting in San Diego demonstrate that devouring dark chocolate that contains cacao (around 70% cacao, 30% sugar) affects feelings of anxiety, aggravation, mood, memory and immune resistance.

While it is well identified that cacao is a fundamental supply of flavonoids, this is the first time the influence has been studied in humans to check the way it can help cognitive, endocrine and cardiovascular health.

Effects of Chocolate on The Brain

The researchers remarked that for years, they have seen an effect of dark chocolate on neurological capabilities based on sugar content. This means that the more sugar, the better. This is the first time that they have seen the effect of cacao in doses as small as an ordinary-sized chocolate bar in people for short periods of time.

These reports just demonstrate that the greater the amount of cacao, the more positive its impact on brain health, memory, conduct, immune resistance and others.

The flavonoids found in cacao are potent cell reinforcements and calming substances, with distinguished systems that are beneficial for the brain and the heart.


The studies are as follows:

  1. Dark Chocolate (70% Cacao) Affects Human Gene Expression: Cacao Regulates Cell Immune Response, Neural Signaling, and Sensory Perception

This pilot study analyzed the effects of 70 percent cacao chocolate on human immune and dendritic cell functions, centered around cytokines. The investigation discovered that cacao upregulates several intracellular pathways in T-cell activation, cell response and neural signaling and sensory functions.

  1. Dark Chocolate (70% Natural and Organic Cacao) Raises Acute and Persistent EEG Spectral Density Response of Gamma Frequency (25-40Hz) for Brain Health: Enhancement of Neuroplasticity, Neural Synchrony, Cognitive Processing, Thought, Memory and Mindfulness Meditation

This study assessed the electroencephalography (EEG) response to drinking 48 g of dark chocolate (70% cacao) after an acute interval of time (30 minutes) and after a chronic interval of time (120 mins), on modulating brain frequencies 0-40Hz, needing gamma frequency (25-40Hz).

The results demonstrate that 70 percent cacao improves neuroplasticity for brain functioning.

The researchers mentioned that the studies require additional investigation, to assess the value of these effects for immune cells and the brain in greater populations.

Extra research is being done to know the ways that cacao affects brain-behavior relationships.