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Best Quick Tricks To Relieve Foot Pain

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A massage can soothe aching feet

A massage can soothe aching feet

Foot pain is a common symptom that everyone will experience sometime in their life. We always use our feet every day in performing our daily routine and it is one of the body parts that are prone to wear and tear. The foot consists of structures made up of bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments, which are the usual source of pain. Because the foot is the foundation of our bodily movement, serving as a supportive structure, it is most likely to carry the weight of our body, and provides support to the lower extremities. It is not surprising that our feet will be aching and tired at the end of the day and in worse conditions become painful enough that can result in debilitating condition.

The painful feet and remedies

Pain is a normal process that indicates something is wrong with the foot structures. Foot pain may be caused by several factors that include biomechanical changes, the presence of a disease, improper footwear, and stressful lower extremity activities as among many others. Relieving pain is an important concern because of its impact in affecting the rest of the body. The pain is sometimes acute, but in some cases may result in a chronic condition. Getting the right diagnosis on what may be causing your foot pain is essential in order to get the proper treatment. While you are trying to figure out what might be causing your foot pain and making plans of seeing your doctor, these tips can help in giving you quick relief from foot pain.

Massage and rubbing the feet

Getting a massage will provide you soothing relief from stress and pain. For many cultures and centuries, massage has been a traditional way of giving relief to an aching and tired muscles. The massage strokes applied to the feet will increase the blood flow to your lower extremities. Pressing on the muscles, tendons and ligaments will also relieve tightness and stretching is very helpful in relaxing tight foot muscles. A regular foot massage is effective in combating foot fatigue and in helping rejuvenate the muscles and enhances the feet's blood flow instantly.

Wear the proper footwear

You will be surprised how changing your footwear can provide you quick relief from pain, soreness and aches. Many of us are taking the quality of footwear that we use for granted. Wearing comfortable shoes with supportive features can help improve the feet's balance and supports its mechanical structures for optimized movement. Understand your feet's needs. You might need arch support, inserts or insoles. Corrective shoes can provide you significant relief from pain.

Immerse your feet in a warm bath

Foot soak has been very effective in providing quick relief to an aching and painful foot muscle. The simple way of relieving stress to your feet is to soak it in a tub with a warm water. The effect of warm water is delightful, allowing your muscles to relax and eliminate stiffness. Adding some Epsom salt will further help in soothing the aches and pain as it can help flush out toxins, while reducing the inflamed tissues and enhancing the blood circulation to your feet. Essential oils mixed with the warm water can also produce soothing and relaxing effect that gives pain relief to your feet.

Elevate the leg and exercise

Elevating the leg is very helpful in eliminating the pull of gravity that can increase the swelling or fluid distention to your tired feet. Imposing too much stress on your feet, such as during long standing or long distance walk can make your feet sore and aching. Elevating the leg is a good way of loading of the stress to it and you can enhance the blood flow by doing some ankle pumping activities and foot movements.


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