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Benefits of a therapeutic massage

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Benefits of a massage

Massage therapy is the best possible  form of relaxation, and it improves general health. We use massage as a form of relaxation; it improves circulation, as well as treats various diseases. The human body is closely related. The massage helps the body as a whole and no matter what massage we use, its action is always multiply. By applying pressure to expand the capillaries and lymph vessels, leads to better secretion, restores and refreshes the skin and subcutaneous tissue, promotes regeneration, remove wrinkles. Any good therapist will consider the body as a whole and work to improve their mental and physical state of the patient or client. Regardless of the technique used, the effects of massage will be good for the skeletal system, which will reduce the stiffness and pain, especially in the joints. It will increase the elasticity of muscles.

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Massage affects the nervous system. It pleasantly stimulates the nervous system by acting on the pituitary secretion of the hormone endorphin, the hormone of happiness. Massage is the oldest form of therapeutic healing. It is a therapeutic method that simultaneously provokes a feeling of comfort, relaxation and harmony of the entire body and achieves positive changes in the physical body. In addition to the physical, massage gives positive mental effects – relaxation, pleasure, unburdened, peace of mind.

Massage is an excellent form of therapy for all ages – babies, children and adults. Massage can be a primary or adjunct treatment for certain disorders / diseases, and is always useful for healthy people. It is useful in case of painful muscles ( back, neck, arms, legs ), headache, indigestion, limited joint mobility, tendonitis, muscle atrophy … Relieves rheumatic pains and circulatory problems, edema, ” heavy legs,” helps to reduce the amount of adipose tissue and cellulite.
Massage can be received at any time except when the following conditions / diseases occur:

– Increased body temperature ( > or = 37.5 ° C )

– Inflammatory , purulent processes in the skin

– Skin burns

– Bleeding , hemophilia

– Inflammation of veins

You should inform and consult your doctor if you want to go for a massage , and you have the following symptoms :

– Cardiovascular or circulatory problems ( thrombosis, varicose veins, coronary heart disease, high blood pressure etc.)

– diabetes

– epilepsy

– malignant processes


Massage during pregnancy should be practiced very carefully and with the approval of a physician. After a doctor approves massage, pregnant woman can undergo a massage with complete confidence.
Pleasant massage is the best thing you can do for yourself if you feel exhausted or you just want a little reward. Scientists have, in fact, found that a good massage does for the body a lot more than just relaxes the muscles. Massage reduces inflammation at the molecular level and in some ways mimics the actions of painkillers. It addition it stimulates the growth of new mitochondria, the creator of energy in cells.
Easing the pain that is associated with massages probably involves the same mechanisms that are triggered by inflammatory drugs. The many benefits of massage are useful for a wider range of individual therapy especially in elderly people with muscle or bone injuries and patients with chronic illnesses
Given the pressures of modern life and increased occurrence of stress-related illnesses, massage therapy plays an important role in everyday life. Make the time for yourself and enjoy a nice foot massage for example.  It is meant to alleviate at least some tension in everyday life so you could come back again in touch with yourself and your priorities in order for your body to be in sync with your mind.