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Prevention and treatment of fungus infection

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Prevention is always better than the cure and it is also true in case of fungus infection.

A good daily foot hygiene

If you have a good daily foot hygiene system in place, it is more likely that you can prevent possible fungus infection. Watch your favourite using warm soapy water and rinse them. Dry the feet carefully. You have to be extra careful about the skin between and beneath the toes. Once it is dry, you can dust your feet with a medicated talc. Such talcs generally contains mild antifungal agents.


If you keep your toes very tight together, natural airflow between them will not happen and such a situation will make your skin more vulnerable. You can put a little bit of surgical spirit between the toes at bedtime. Use a cotton bath to apply the spirit and leave the spirit for some time so that it can vaporise. The spirit will work as an astringent and it will remove residual moisture from your feet.


Your footwear should be made of natural materials if possible. Natural material made shoes are good for your feed because they allow your feet to breathe. If you are prone to fungal infection, you should wear real leather shoes along with wool or cotton socks. You should never wear anyone else's footwear. If you wear someone else's footwear, fungal infection may spread to your body because such an infection is generally infectious, which means it spreads from one place to another and you don't want to get such a problem from someone else.


If you are already suffering from fungal infections, you will need to find a good treatment option for recovering fast and removing the fungus from your body.

Separate your belongings

If you are suffering from a fungal infection, you should keep a towel and shower or bath mat separately for you. Do not stand barefoot on your bathroom floor.

Take a look at your shoes

If you are suffering from a fungal infection, you should also take a look at your shoes. Your shoes may be a source of infection and it will remain so if nothing is done. You will need to disinfect your shoes to avoid repeated fungal infection.


You will need to use antifungal preparations which are available in different forms such as creams, paints, ointments and powders. These are known as topical medications, which are applied to your skin. You cannot take them internally but there are medicines which are available which are taken internally and they help you to fight fungal infection from inside.

You should see your chiropodist your Dr to find out the best suitable preparation and medication for your problem.

Previously mostly topical medications were used for fighting fungal infection but the success rate was not great. As a result of new scientific research, tablets have been produced which can be taken orally and which can estimate the killing eliminate the fungus from your body. These new medicines are very effective and efficient and they are cost-effective in the long run. They also reduce the time period of treatment considerably. Your doctor can help you by prescribing the best and the most effective fungal medicine for your fungus infection.

The most important element in fighting and preventing fungal infection is a good foot care regime. When you take care of your feet, fungus infection will not develop. It is also beneficial while you undergo treatment. The same routine can help you to prevent future fungal infection of the skin and nails.


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