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Planning for Pregnancy

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Planning for PregnancyIt takes a month or two if you are planning for pregnancy; you must prepare your body and mind before anything else. It is important to stay healthy in order to be successful in achieving what you have planned.  You must focus yourself in preconception health to increase the possibility of having a healthy baby.

The following are the steps to a healthy pregnancy:

Make a Plan and Take Action

Before anything else, you must make a plan and take full actions in what will be the outcome of your decision.  You must take action for your goals, whether it is having a baby or not. If you decide to have one, first you must take good care of your health as well as your partner's health. If not, use effective and safe birth control methods that are prescribed by your health professional.

Seek doctors' advice

The very first thing to do when planning for pregnancy is to seek professional advice on how you could have a healthy pregnancy.

The discussion includes your health history, medical conditions that you may have, or whether you are currently taking medicines, and whether you are having vaccinations that you might need to prevent birth defects.

Be sure to talk to your doctor about:

Medical Conditions

If you are experiencing any medical conditions right now, make it sure it is under control and it is being treated right away.

Lifestyle and Behaviours

Your lifestyle and behaviour may affect the success of your pregnancy. Discuss with your doctor if you smoke, drink alcoholic drinks or if you have used street drugs. Your doctor may set limits to you regarding these habits.


Some medications you are taking may affect your baby and it may cause serious defects to the fetus. Be sure to discuss your medications with your doctor, and get the necessary medications that you will need in becoming pregnant.

Vaccinations (shots)

To be successful in your goals, there are some vaccinations that are required for your preconception, during pregnancy and even after delivery. Vaccinations keep you and your baby free from infections.

Have enough folic acid everyday

To avoid major defects in your baby's brain and spinal cord, make sure to get enough folic acid every day.

Avoid Toxic Substances and Environmental Contaminants

Limit your exposure to chemical substances such as synthetic chemicals, metals, fertilizers, bug sprays, and cat or rodent feces.  These could affect the reproductive system of both men and women.

Reach and Maintain a Healthy Weight

It is advised to stay healthy in planning for pregnancy. These habits include having a healthy weight. People who are overweight or obese are at a high risk for many serious illnesses during pregnancy. This also holds true to those who are underweight.

Having a healthy lifestyle includes being physically active and eating a healthy diet. These are keys to achieving your goal.

Get Help for Violence

If there is someone who is violent towards you or with your love ones, seek help immediately as it may lead to injury and death. It also destroys relationships and family ties.

Learn Your Family History

Sharing your family history with your doctor is important. It could help you have a healthy baby and your doctor may refer you for genetic counselling.

Get Mentally Healthy

Be mentally healthy and avoid things that can stress you out. During pre-conception, think of the things that will set you in good mood. Your mental state also affects your plan to get pregnant.

Talk with your doctor or another health professional about your feelings and treatment options.

Have a Healthy Pregnancy!

Once you have already achieved your goals, be sure to see your doctor regularly for prenatal care. You should also maintain your new healthy habits.