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Benefits of a sugar detox

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A sugar detox will offer you several benefits. Let's find out the benefits that you can achieve from a sugar detox.


Weight loss

Is sugar detox will help you to lose weight? When you remove all types of sugar from your diet, you will lose weight from specific areas of your body such as waist, butt and hips. This will not only motivate you to work harder for losing more weight, it will also help you to achieve a healthy lifestyle. People try really hard to lose weight and they do different sorts of things to achieve it but even after that losing weight can be really hard. A sugar detox will help you to lose weight without doing anything else, which is a big feat itself.

Fewer wrinkles

If you eat more sugar, you will look older. Sugar combines with protein and produces glycation. Sugar helps in oxidation of the proteins and they cause damage at a cellular level. The effects are mostly seen on your skin in the form of dull, wrinkled and dry skin.

High level of sugar consumption negatively affects collagen. Collagen is very important for your skin health. It is also important for your body because it helps the tissues in keeping your body strong and collagen is necessary for your heart muscles to the ligaments in your ankles. Instead of eating more sugar, you should eat more foods which nourish your skin. As a result, you will look younger than your biological age.

Better complexion

Is sugar detox will improve your skin? Your complexion will become better. You will look younger than you are because of the improvement in your skin condition. This is a social benefit which is an extra benefit for you besides feeling very healthy. You won't need the costly cosmetics to improve your complexion and it will be done from inside.

Better gut health

When you go on is sugar detox, your gut health will improve. Sugar helps in breeding bad bacteria in your gut and that can be a dangerous situation because our immune system is mainly controlled in the stomach. With too much sugar, and bacteria overgrowth will occur and as a result it will cause several health problems for you. Such health problems will include in digestion, constipation, diarrhea and irritable bowel. All this problem will go away when your gut is healthy and that can be achieved better with a sugar detox.

Gain more energy

Sugar detox will increase your energy. Once you complete this sugar detox, you will experience surge in your energy. You will be able to work twice hard and for longer duration.

Improved mood

Reducing sugar from your diet can help you in getting rid of anxiety or depression. A study that was published in the British Journal of Psychiatry found that middle aged people who it process foods that are high in refined sugar are more likely to undergo depression in comparison to people who eat less losses foods.

Sugar is addictive and it can be similar in working to cocaine. When you eat something with high levels of sugar, you feel good and this feeling is similar to feeling high. If you feel that, probably this is the right time to stop your sugar intake. We love sugar because it activates our brain's pleasure centre.

It may be very difficult for you to completely eliminate sugar from your diet. In that case, you can opt for healthier alternatives which are available. It can snack on carrots or apples, and combine them with almond butter or hummus for protein and fat.



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