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Chiropractic: Popular Techniques and Their Effects

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Chiropractic is a type of alternative medicine. It relies on neck and spine manipulation for treating a great variety of conditions. Some physicians today acknowledge chiropractic and combine it with other forms of treatment or use it as an alternative to spinal surgery.




The most popular chiropractic techniques are:

  • Activator Method
    This technique relies on using a small tool called activator in order to make precise minor adjustments to vertebrae. This method is considered soft when compared to other chiropractic techniques and is mostly used for treating back pain.
  • Applied Kinesiology
    This method works with both vertebrae and muscles that surround them. A chiropractor will use several techniques in order to restore muscle function as well as realign the spine. Adjustments made using this method should be more effective.
    This treatment is often complemented by a set of exercises designed for you personally.
  • Gonstead Technique
    A chiropractor will perform hand adjustments in order to realign the misplaced segments of your spine. The specialists use X-rays and temperature gradient studies in order to determine what vertebrae must be adjusted.
    Practitioners of this technique believe that your spine will realign itself after the root of the problem (misaligned vertebra) has been put into place. Thus, this treatment usually requires only one session.
  • Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique
    This is one of the softest types of chiropractic that uses subtle pressure to unblock your nerve endings. Precision plays a great role in the success of this treatment.
  • Sacro-Occipital Technique
    This method is based on the relationship between the top and bottom sections of the spine. It uses padded blocks that are placed under the patient's pelvic area in order to allow the body to realign itself naturally.
    This technique also includes adjustment of cranial bones (skull bones). This enhances the effect of the treatment by stimulating the flow of cerebral spinal fluid.
  • Directional Non-Force Technique
    This method is based on detecting subluxations by the means of careful leg measuring. Chiropractors that specialize in this technique work with vertebrae, cranial bones, ligaments and even soft tissues.
    The main benefit of this treatment is that it's practically non-traumatizing for the patient and provides long lasting results.
  • Logan Basic Technique
    This method uses very light pressure and leverage. Therefore, it can be used even on geriatric patients and infants. Logan technique normalizes your blood flow as well as releases toxins that accumulate in tense muscles.
  • Webster Technique
    This technique was developed for pregnant women and is completely safe. It's used to ease the process of childbirth and relieve the stress that a woman's body experiences during the months of pregnancy.
    Webster technique is also often used on children.
  • Cox Flexion/Distraction
    This technique requires the use of a special table where the spine can be adjusted (tractioned and flexed forward). This treatment is effective for increasing the mobility of spinal joints as well as fixing several major types of herniations (lumbar disc, cervical, etc.)
  • Diversified Technique
    This is the most common chiropractic technique that uses high-velocity thrusts for adjusting different joints. It can be used for treating a great variety of conditions and is especially effective for back and joint pains.

Is Chiropractic Truly Effective?

Studies prove that a huge number of patients are satisfied with the results of chiropractic treatment. This branch of alternative medicine is widely acknowledged in the world of health care services and is recognized by both, physicians and insurance companies, as an effective form of treatment.

However, you must understand that some conditions can be aggravated by chiropractic sessions. This means that you must consult your doctor before you decide to try out this approach. Only a health care specialist that knows your full medical history can determine whether this treatment is acceptable for you.