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Simple Osteoarthritis Treatments And Remedies

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A healthy cartilage allows bones to move, thus achieving limb movements. The role of cartilages is to attenuate and absorb shocks during movement. In osteoarthritis, the cartilage surface may crack, which causes pain, swelling and loss of joint mobility. In time the cartilages can deform. Osteoarthritis is one of the most common form of adult physical damage. Although, generally elderly are the most affected, young people can also suffer from osteoarthritis after an accident that affects the joints. In fact, more than half of the population aged over 65 years have osteoarthritis modifications that can be seen on X-rays.



Osteoarthritis affects each person differently, some progressing rapidly, and in other cases the symptoms are mild. Since nobody knows exactly what the exact causes of this disease, but suspect a combination of factors including obesity, aging, sports injuries and joint damage.

Osteoarthritis, by limiting physical activity due to the pain and reduced mobility of joints causes depression, anxiety, feelings of hopelessness, absence from work and impaired family relationships. Despite these shortcomings, however, those affected can lead a relatively normal life with the correct medication and special exercise. Educating patients and support programs are also very helpful.

When cartilage is destroyed due to chemical changes and you suffer from osteoarthritis which virtually means bone rubbing on bone, you definitely need to know some easy remedies. The occurrence of osteoarthritis affects the quality of life seriously, but there are simple remedies to improve your status and achieve pain relief.

Losing weight – the best remedy is early weight loss and maintaining its normal parameters to prevent pressure on the knee especially due weight.

Exercise – physical activity is essential for people with osteoarthritis, regardless if it consists of walking short distances, or swimming. People think that exercise may worsen their condition but this feeling is false, physical activity can help relieve osteoarthritis pain. Programs should include exercises of walking, swimming, cycling, until the introduction of isometric and isotonic exercise type.

Electricity – electricity is often used by therapists to soothe pain and swelling of joints. This method involves placing electrodes around the joint and providing electromagnetic pulses through the skin (transcutaneous electrostimulation). Electroacupuncture is another method to improve the condition of patients with osteoarthritis, in which the therapist uses needles and acupuncture points, and electrodes attached to an electrical charge to pass through these pins. Both methods can provide pain relief and joint stiffness prevention

Acupuncture – several studies show that acupuncture may be helpful for people suffering from Osteoarthritis.

Glucosamine – There is some evidence that it relieves osteoarthritis pain, but glucosamine sulfate is beneficial and glucosamine hydrochloride not.

Chondroitin – research has shown that this supplement combined with glocosamine showed promising results for sufferers of osteoarthritis, with no side effects.

Chiropractic therapy – this therapy does not help especially patients suffering form osteoarthritis, but is very useful in treating muscle spasms, for example back pain, chiropractic therapy can help eliminate pain, easing muscle spasms. Heat and cold remedies can also be very useful to alleviate these spasms that are not only painful but can interfere with sleep.

Inform Yourself !  This is not a therapy nor a cure, but information related to arthritis is a powerful weapon against it. It is crucial that a patient understands what osteoarthritis is and what are its limits. Also finding a good  doctor, a specialist that can properly inform you regarding this disease and especially how to handle it is crucial.