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Losing Women body fat

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Human body contains different types of fat like essential fat that surrounds your organs and are essential for life, visceral fat which surround organs but have bad effects on health and subcutaneous fat which are located just under the skin. This subcutaneous fat can be very stubborn and losing them can be very difficult for many women. If you want to lose fat and look good, you will have to get rid of this subcutaneous fat.

Fat mobilisation

During this stage the fat is drawn out of the cell. This depends on the amount of adrenoreceptors present in the tissue, specifically alpha-2 and beta-2 receptors and activation of these two by adrenaline and noradrenaline. To ensure that optimal fat mobilisation is happening, you will need to activate beta-2 receptors and inhibit alpha-2 receptors. Activating adrenoreceptors is easier than inhibiting them.

The fat which are mobilised now travel around the body in the form of free fatty acids which are bonded to albumin. If these molecules are not use for energy, then day we really stored in the fat cells. For utilisation of the fatty acids they should be transported into the mitochondria.

If you want to lose fat, you will have to ensure that each of these three stages are completed to achieve a significantly leaner physic by losing more body fat.

Initial phase of fat loss

When you try to lose fat by following a diet and exercise program, the body will primarily attack visceral fat. You will see faster results because visceral fat is easily mobilised. It has high number of adrenoreceptors and so the tissue becomes more responsive to lipolytic stimuli. When the visceral fat levels are low, you will feel significantly leaner and your waist area will also shrink.

Women and the stubborn fat issue

Next phase is the difficult and interesting phase. Now you will face actual challenge with the subcutaneous fat. Subcutaneous fat is not as responsive to live lice is as visceral fat and the fat storage in the tissue is more efficient and blood flow is only moderate. So, losing subcutaneous fat becomes more difficult. Your muscle tone and overall condition will improve but you will still see those spots where a fat is stubbornly clinging on. Subcutaneous fat is mostly seen in the hips and thighs and the fat here is very stubborn because of the high ratio of alpha-2 to beta-2 receptors in the tissues. There are other factors like very poor blood flow, a very efficient ability to store excess calories because of high insulin sensitivity which do not allow the body to lose more fat. Women face a lot of trouble in getting lean in those areas in comparison to men. It's easier for man because they do not store so much fat in the hips and thighs and so losing whatever fat is there is easier. Even though the abdominal and lower back fat is stubborn but it is physiologically more responsive to lipolysis in comparison to the stubborn fat of thighs and hips.

To lose this stubborn fat, you will have two implement training, diet and supplementation strategies because they will trigger lipolysis and fat utilisation in those specific areas.


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