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Nightmares Keep You Sleeping – What To Do About It!


Nightmares can become sleep robbers and cause stress. When we frantically wake up from a bad dream, sleep is initially out of the question. Sweaty people think about the nightmare. Nightmares are robbing you of sleep and struggling to get back to sleep? Not everyone gets along well with such experiences. Do nightmares keep you awake? Find out what you can do about it!

Once sleep is deprived, it is not so easy to make up for it. For one thing, we are troubled inside and our thoughts are still revolving around the nightmare. Depending on how terrifying the dream was, you don’t dare to fall asleep. You may also be plagued by the fear that the nightmare will repeat itself or become real. The result is an acute lack of sleep. This is accompanied by a feeling of weakness and the concentration leaves much to be desired during the day. But if you want to get rid of your nightmares, you first have to understand why they exist.

Where do the nightmares come from and what is their message?

Often dreams are to be understood as a message from the subconscious. In our lower consciousness information collects that we like to suppress. This also includes extreme fears, worries, unprocessed experiences and emotional injuries. Last but not least, the subconscious is also a reservoir for the bad conscience. Even so, to this day it is still controversial as to what makes a nightmare a reality.

Does it make sense to research the nightmare?

For humans, it is not just stress when the nightmare comes to visit. A nightmare also makes us feel insecure and anxious. This negative vibration of the nightmare is not something we crave. Therefore, it is advisable to take a closer look at these nightmares and interpret them. Anyone who needs help is in good hands with a professional dream interpreter. If you know the message behind this nightmare, you might be able to get rid of the nightmare. But there is more to it than just knowing the message of the dream.

Typical nightmare themes

The nightmare is not just a simple message of no concern. Anyone who experiences such bad dreams may have serious life issues to deal with. Existential needs or actions or actions that are morally questionable are included. But relationship problems, violence, addictions or a great loss can also trigger nightmares.

Relationship problems

The classics include partnership problems that are associated with major emotional injuries. You may even be scared of your partner. This could be the case if you think you can no longer calculate his actions. A severe loss of confidence could also lead to this assumption. It becomes particularly critical when you cannot spontaneously break away from this relationship. It is possible that financial issues will force you to stay in the relationship for the time being. In this predicament, the strong desire for a separation could be reflected in the dream. But the fears you have about your partner can also cause bad dreams.

Guilty conscience

The guilty conscience is that you have knowledge of something that is wrong. Maybe even you are the one who has committed a morally reprehensible act. And deep down inside you also know that that was wrong. But you have no courage to reveal yourself. So it can be that a bad dream plagues you.


Any form of trauma can lead to a bad dream. These issues, which have not yet been dealt with, are repeatedly expressed in the nightmare. It should be a clue that you are coming to terms with your trauma and are no longer trying to suppress it.


An important exam date is coming up and your knees are already flapping? No wonder if you also experience a disturbing dream. Because your own expectations are high. And the concern about failure is even more prevalent. Your soul wants to give you an indication of how much the topic is burdening you. A nightmare cannot be ruled out in such phases of life. Existential fears play a major role, especially in times of the (Corona) crisis. And these can be expressed in a dream.


The eternal argument with mother or father can also lead to a nightmare. A conflict with the employer or a bullying situation can also play a role. Anything that plagues you and your soul deeply comes into question. Circumstances that cause conflicts for you and cannot easily be resolved are predestined for this.

Aside from the possible causes mentioned, other things can also trigger a nightmare.

How the nightmare is expressed

Very often bad dreams are stories of which one is incredibly afraid. The endless falling into the bottomlessness symbolizes how the ground is practically pulled away from under your feet. But if you are persecuted and have to flee, something runs after you in the truest sense of the word. But dying and death can also be nightmare themes, like the loss of a loved one. Fear of failure and exam situations can also rob you of sleep. Most of these are metaphors that are a placeholder for the real topic, what is hidden behind it.

What helps against nightmares?

There is no magic bullet for nightmares. A dream interpretation offered by a spiritual medium or dream interpreter can also be helpful. The dream can be interpreted professionally. At least you will then be aware of the issues that plague you subconsciously. And if you know where the cause is, you can work on the issue.

Write down nightmares and talk about the dreams

But it might prove helpful to document dreams or talk about them. If you write down your dreams, you can see whether the dream content has been repeated. Because we often forget our dreams as soon as the new day begins. But if you wake up at night and still have the dream in mind, you can write it down immediately. For some people, just talking about their dream is enough. Your best friend will certainly be happy to come here.

Autogenic training and yoga

Sometimes relaxation methods such as yoga or autogenic training are also helpful. You can use it to calm your mind and also fall asleep more relaxed physically.

Positive thoughts

Engage with positive thoughts and don’t be afraid of falling asleep. When you think about the fact that you are going to have another nightmare tonight, the thought can manifest itself. Therefore, always assume that you will fall asleep calmly and dreamlessly.