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How CBD Can Become a Part of Your Wellness Routine in These Hard Times?


The past year was a pretty difficult one for the entire world as the pandemic caused millions of deaths and also tanked both individual and national economies across the globe. Although a glimmer of hope seems to be appearing over the otherwise gloomy horizon as vaccines are now being administered on a large scale yet lockdowns and shut-ins are still commonplace thus forcing people to stay indoors. In such restricted atmosphere that can lead to anxiety or worse still depression, it becomes necessary for people to maintain a wellness routine that will help them to cope in these hard times”throw CBD into the mix and you could be on your way toward having a ball.  There are a wide variety of CBD products on various CBD shop. Every product has different health benefits.

What has CBD got to do with it?

That's a smart question people often ask and the answer is A LOT! Now, let's go back to the basics. Cannabis is an amazing plant that is composed of over 400 naturally occurring chemical compounds. However, two out of that large number stands out i.e. cannabidiol or CBD and tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. Although it is generally accepted that these two compounds have made cannabis very popular, they are actually distinct from one another. THC is notable for its psychoactive properties which are responsible for the ˜high' effect people experience when they consume it. CBD on the other hand, is nonpsychoactive and has become famous due to its numerous health benefits. Already, researchers recently warned that anxiety and its accompanying need for coping measures are on the rise among the general population. They went ahead to advocate for mental health supervision to be enhanced as part of measures in combating the adverse effects of the pandemic.

Covid-19 has destabilized the socioeconomic and health balance of the population as more people are now on the edge with anxiety, as fears over job losses, health, isolation/quarantining, uncertain future or disruptions to scheduled plans continue to mount. A good number of those affected are now turning to CBD to help them overcome the difficulty. For instance, front line healthcare workers who are made to work long hours while encountering difficult moments such as seeing people suffer or die from Covid-19, are now making use of CBD as part of their lifestyle wellness routine. CBD could prove vital in relieving them of pain and inflammation as well as back and neck pain that could arise due to prolonged standing. CBD can also to the rescue of those battling with panic attacks, PTSD and insomnia which could all arise due to the pandemic.

How to go about it?

Let's face it, pandemic or not, people don't like bringing changes to any status quo because they believe it will be disruptive and challenging to their comfort zone. Almost everyone already has established daily pattern they follow in life such as particular days or time of going to gym, a diet plan and work schedule all regimented to ensure a more healthy and convenient lifestyle. Thus when they hear about need to make adjustments, it doesn't usually sound appealing. But not to worry advances in research and development has made it possible to have CBD in diverse forms like tinctures and oils that can be easily blended with breakfast or even take a dose in the evening, after a tough day to ensure you sleep well at night. Remember that CBD is powerful in mitigating anxiety, so taking it in the morning can help you to enjoy a great day devoid of stress.Likewise, you can easily order for CBD ointment online or buy from a local store and apply on your sore back or joints. The journey toward achieving optimal wellness and healthy living is a marathon that lasts a lifetime, so consistency is vital. You can make use of CBD to help you achieve that.

Is There Any Risk One Should Be Wary About?

There are no known serious adverse effects that come with taking CBD, so it is safe for consumption. Life has not really been the same since the pandemic started but it is important to note that people can always make the best out of every situation. Instead of being sad that you are restricted from doing certain things at the moment, it could also be a golden opportunity to work on yourself. You probably have always wanted to shed/add weight, spend more time with your family, write a book, learn a new skill etc. This is the best time to go about it now you have the time to doso and while at it, incorporate CBD into your new lifestyle to maximize your gains. The choice is all yours, and who knows, you may emerge in the post Covid-19 era in your best possible version.