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CBD products are the talk in town, courtesy of the numerous advantages they offer. They come in a wide range of products; this includes CBD shatter– a product well known for its high levels of THC. Producers also make a variety of shatters that’s low in THC and high in cannabidiol (CBD).

Users globally– including the US, are increasingly consuming the product thanks to its therapeutic and medicinal properties. It offers all the health benefits without the side-effects of THC as well as over the counter drugs.

Since the product contains potent amounts of CBD, it is an excellent alternative for consumers who are conscious of health and wellness and marijuana patients.

How Its Made

CBD shatters are made by extracting raw CBD from the hemp plant. Their constitution’s difference is closely related to how they are extracted and processed- shatter gets its name since it doesn’t crystallize during processing. 

How To Use Shatter

Anyone who has used CBD shatter knows that it’s not different from using any high THC concentrates without the highs, of course. To use it, all you need to do is dab like you do with any other kind of cannabis concentrate.

Before consumption, please ensure that you are using a shatter specifically manufactured to contain low THC levels and high CBD levels. This will maximize the therapeutic effects while minimizing intoxication from THC. 


Dabbing is an effective way of vaporizing shatter. But it’s also the most expensive of the two methods we are looking at. A typical dabbing kit consists of:

  • Dabbing rig.
  • Nail.
  • Carb cap dabber.
  • Dab mat.
  • Blow torch.

Follow the steps to get started dabbing shatter:

  1. Heat the nail by turning the torch on and aiming at it. 
  2. Heat the nail until it turns red. Once it’s slightly red, place the carb cap dabber on the nail. Let it cool off for 30 to 40 minutes.
  3. Take the shatter and place it on the nail. Inhale through the mouthpiece. 
  • Vaping

Compared to dabbing CBD shatter, vaporizing shatter is a cheaper form of consumption. It also requires far fewer steps making it ideal for beginners. All you require is a good shatter and vaporizer. Here are the steps involved in the vaporization of shatter:

  1. Load the chamber with the shatter.
  2. Switch the vaporizer on. Please wait for it to heat.
  3. When ready, place the mouthpiece in your mouth. Inhale.

How To Choose Quality Shatter

  • Check How Its Extracted

Understanding how the CBD oil was extracted from the hemp plant has significant implications on the final product’s quality. To produce a high-quality product, pressure needs to be applied to the plant “ it causes the trichomes to burst open and release the oil.

  • Hemp Growing Standards

Just as eating organic is great for your health, consuming shatter produced organically will also have a positive effect on you. Products made from hemp exposed to harmful foreign chemicals such as pesticides are pretty risky.

These chemicals are designed to kill pests. They could infuse themselves with the plant and end up harming the plant. In turn, this could mess with its therapeutic and medicinal features.

  • Broad Spectrum

While shopping for CBD products, you will notice two categories to choose from, i.e., broad-spectrum and isolate. If you want the best experience, choose a broad-spectrum over isolate CBD- you can never go wrong.

  • Reports

It’s crucial you understand what you are eating and that it’s of the highest quality. Therefore, most CBD distributors need to understand the quality of their products properly. This is where third-party testing comes in hand while selecting which product is best for you.

Take time to look at the results whenever possible as they are the best way of keeping such companies honest.

  • Origin Of The Product

Environmental factors like soil pH and climate can impact the quality of CBD products. Before picking any product off the shelf, please double check to see where it’s sourced from. To be on the safe side, always buy products made in the US.

The industry is heavily regulated in the US; therefore, you can rest assured that you are getting the best on offer.

  • Product Packaging

Product packaging is just as important as how it was sourced, extracted, and formulated. As soon as the leaf is harvested, it starts to die off dues to oxygenation, leading to the loss of valuable cannabinoids.

As a rule of thumb, products packaged in glass containers are usually of higher quality than plastic. This is because glass is impermeable, so it won’t hold onto moisture. CBD shatter is a great way to consume CBD products. If it’s your first time using this product, please exercise caution as their potent levels. Start by consuming them in small amounts.