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The benefits of a rowing machine

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Why should you buy a rowing machine when you can buy so many different types of equipment for your home gym? Why should you use a rowing machine at the gym? Let's find out.

It offers you a total body workout

Many people think that rowing only works the arms but it is not true. Rowing is a full body workout. In fact, rowing uses 86% of the muscles in your body. A rowing stroke consist of 65 to 75% legwork and 25 to 35% upper body work. Rowing walks on the upper back, pecs, arms, abdominal muscles, obliques. Rowing will also help you by working on the leg muscles quadriceps, calves and glutes and thereby make them stronger. You're getting all these benefits from a simple machine, then why not use it.

Anyone can try it

People of all fitness levels can trying the rowing machine. You do not have to be very fit to use it. At the same time, even if you are at the advanced level, you will still have use of the rowing machine. This is an exercise which is safe for people with low vision and people who are blind. It will not only help you to lose body fat, but will also reduce your cholesterol levels, and improve your back strength.

Low impact exercise

Rowing can help you to burn serious calories without putting too much stress on your joints. In rowing, you can control the movement and pace and so it is in your control. If you're looking for active recovery, then rowing is a great exercise for you. It is also recommended for people suffering from early stages of osteoarthritis. Different joints of the body will work better once you add rowing to your existing workout.

It is good for your heart and lungs

Rowing is a cardio exercise and it can strengthen your cardiovascular system. It means, it will improve the health of your heart, blood vessels and blood. Blood is responsible for transporting important elements in your body including nutrients and oxygen and if you can improve the condition of the blood vessels, blood and your heart, it means different organs of your body will receive more oxygen and nutrients.

Rowing can improve your heart strength because while rowing your heart needs to work hard to transport more blood to the body. That can strengthen the present condition of your heart. It is also a good exercise for people who are at risk of heart problems.

Mind body connection

There is a mind body connection in rowing. While you are rowing outside on the water or rowing indoors in a rowing machine, you can always get the same benefits. In rowing, you need to perform a smoothie, gliding motion and you need to keep doing it. It forces your mind to go on autopilot to continue the same motions. There are four phases of the row stroke that includes catch, drive, finish, and recovery. Both your body and the mind need to work together to complete the rowing process.

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