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6 Benefits of CBD Gummies

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You have doubtlessly noticed the rise of CBD in recent years. Medical marijuana was fought long and hard for, but people suffering from pain and other ailments don’t always appreciate getting high as a consequence of their relief. Cannabidiol, however, offers many of the same health benefits THC does, but it’s not an intoxicant.

What is CBD, you ask? Briefly, it’s one of many cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. Your body has a system–the endocannabinoid system–that, as the name suggests, produces its own cannabinoids (named as such because it was discovered long after the plant). Adding external CBD gives it a boost, helping your ECS maintain your body’s homeostasis.

Most CBD available in the United States is sourced from hemp (a kid of cannabis with low THC content), which can have a bit of an earthy flavor. That’s why many people are turning to CBD gummies: they taste delicious, and they’re less obnoxious than other methods. While oils, tinctures, topicals, and patches are all completely viable ways of getting CBD into your system, here are a few benefits of gummies in particular:

They’re delicious

Let’s start with the obvious: gummies taste good. Other products might deliver CBD to your system faster, but flavored candies make the experience of consuming cannabidiol that much more enjoyable. One specific brand that sells CBD gummies, Verma Farms, offers delicious flavors like Tropical Cherry, Island Apple, Blueberry Wave, and even sugar-free. You can eat them the same way you would a multivitamin.

Dosage is easy to measure

Dosage can be challenging to measure with other products, like oils. It might involve a bit of guesswork. With edibles, though, you know precisely how much CBD is in every piece. If the brand’s label does not specify per piece, it will definitely do so for the container as a whole (it should also tell you the count inside, so you just need to do a bit of math). Is a 5mg dose enough for you? Perfect, there are gummies with that concentration available. Do you need a more substantial amount, like 30mg? Not to worry, you can find gummies with that exact dosage, too (and more accurate measuring makes it easier to increase your preferred dosage if necessary).

They’re better for your respiratory system

Your lungs and throat will thank you for not smoking. Even if marijuana smoke does not include harmful chemicals like cigarette smoke and other vaping e-juices, it can still irritate and inflame your respiratory system… and it leaves a smell most people don’t like. Gummies, however, go through your stomach, so you can give your lungs a break. You also don’t need as much CBD to reap the benefits because there isn’t as much excess waste. Entrepreneur notes that athletes are a demographic that could greatly benefit from cannabidiol, but they probably should not smoke, so CBD gummies are an excellent alternative.

They’re discreet

Cannabis, unfortunately, is still rather stigmatized in the US–even by folks who smoke marijuana on the down-low. You’ll draw weird looks, and maybe even get in trouble with your misunderstanding boss, if you drop a bit of CBD oil under your tongue at work. You could wait until you get home, but your pain or anxiety might not be willing to wait that long. No one will question you eating what looks like a multivitamin in the middle of the day, though. Forbes even compiled a list of some delicious and reputable brands of CBD gummies.

They help your physical health

Now, let’s address some of the benefits of CBD itself. We’d be here a long time if we wanted to discuss all of cannabidiol’s properties, so we’ll be brief.

Your endocannabinoid system plays an integral role in maintaining your body’s balance. It’s involved in your immune system, temperature control, pain, mood, sleep, memory, motor control, pleasure, digestion (when you are low on energy, your ECS tells your stomach to growl so that you know to refuel), and more. This is why CBD offers so many benefits to your physical health: by giving your ECS a boost, your body has more of what it needs to communicate with itself and maintain its balance. Though the underlying causes will not go away, CBD and your ECS can alleviate pain, reduce inflammation, relax muscles, etc. The only FDA-approved brand of CBD, Epidiolex, is even used to treat pediatric epilepsy.

They can help your mental health

CBD is not an intoxicant, so it won’t get you high, but it’s misleading to say that it’s not psychoactive. It is–but it won’t negatively alter your state of mind. Your ECS is heavily involved in your brain’s various functions, too, so CBD can help with symptoms related to PTSD, clinical anxiety, and depression. While it’s no replacement for a therapist or doctor-prescribed medication, it can work its wonders in your brain for a few hours at a time (remember, though, that it is not a “wonder-drug,” and will not make the causes of said ailments go away).

CBD provides numerous health qualities, and it’s more fun to reap the benefits when it also tastes delicious. Which CBD gummy brand are you excited to try?