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5 Tips to Get Your Hair, Nails, and Skin Healthy

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Most women do not mind a little glamour and glow in their skin. This is best defined by the tone of your skin and the strands of your hair. Contrary to what people think, solutions to radiant skin, strong nails, and beautiful hair are not always found inside the bottle or at your beautician’s store. You can get them from just following a routine of simple healthy practices. The advantage of achieving beauty through healthy practices is the uniform elevation of your beauty overtime.

Hair, nails, and skin are made up of similar cells and proteins that belong in the same biological system any step you take to improve one will most likely improve all three. Consider the following healthy tips.

1.     Know your diet and stick to it

Understanding the necessary nutrients for the development of your hair and skin is essential. Different foods offer different vitamins which are important for the natural growth and protection of your skin, hair, and nails.

  • Antioxidants †Foods rich in antioxidants are important because they help defend your body from unstable molecules and free radicals leaving your body smooth, healthy, and with a youthful appearance. Antioxidants are found in plant-based foods. 
  • Fatty acids †Omega 3 fatty acids are essential for healthy skin and protection against several skin conditions. Biotin is also a natural remedy found in food that keeps your hair and nails strong and healthy.
  • Avoid inflammatory foods †Sometimes we consume food that triggers an allergic or inflammatory reaction to the skin. This inflammation further breaks out into rashes or hives on the skin.

2.     Use supplements to boost your health

You should also consider the use of hair skin and nails supplements as a way to improve your beauty and appearance. They are used because they provide support to the other practices that lead to a healthy body. These supplements usually include biotin, collagen, and other vital components that may have anti-inflammatory properties for the protection of your skin.

3.     Drink lots of water

Dehydration can have harmful effects on your skin including dry skin, itchiness, and may contribute to ageing as well. Always keep your body hydrated by consuming a lot of water or fluids in a day. The first sign of dehydration is dry skin and if this continues your skin might lose its elasticity.

4.     Exposure to sunlight

Sunlight has vitamin D properties that are essentially helpful for the development of glowing skin and strong hair and nails. On the other hand, too much of it can damage or kill your skin cells leading to skin cancer, wrinkles, and ageing. Try to limit your exposure to sunlight or consider wearing sunscreen each time you step into the sun.

5.     Avoid stress

Stress triggers several skin conditions including, eczema, acne, psoriasis, and rosacea. Stress also triggers inflammation which may lead to accelerated ageing. There are common practices you can do to avoid stress. They include mindfulness activities, yoga, meditation, music, and art amongst other common practices.

The stress also makes the face duller and creates a high chance of hair fall which can lower your self- confidence. To get rid of all these negatives, consider using hair skin and nails supplements and walk confidently.