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4 Amazing Changes That Happen To Your Body After Childbirth

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body changes after birth

It’s not a brand-new piece of information; giving birth is quite a big deal.

For the purposes of today, we’re not referring to the process of raising a little person into the world, either. Instead, today’s post is about the changes which happen to your body as you go through pregnancy, and also after giving birth.

Suffice to say, they are pretty significant, and this has even led some women to consider a mommy makeover. However, to highlight just how much your body can change in this period, we have penned today’s article. Let’s now take a look at four amazing changes that you need to look out for.

Your shoe size will change

If you thought today’s article was all about pointing out the obvious, you’re set for a surprise. One of the main changes that most of us are aware of relate to the bump. As it turns out, there are umpteen other things that happen to your body, and your shoe size is one of these.

As we all know, we do carry extra weight during pregnancy. This extra weight causes our foot to flatten somewhat, meaning that it spans a greater area. What’s the hard and fast result? Some women find that their shoe size can increase by as much as half a size.

The ever-changing breasts

Remember we mentioned the mommy makeover at the start of today’s article? Well, something else that a lot of new moms turn to is a breast augmentation.

Why might this be the case? Put simply, there are all sorts of changes that happen during pregnancy. During the initial period, as the body is preparing for breastfeeding, they get bigger. Then, once the breastfeeding period is over, these shrink back down to their “normal” size.

Your hair is also all over the place (but in a good way)

Most women simply crave thicker hair – and this is something that you will be given during pregnancy. Changes in hormones mean that you lose less hairs than you normally do – leading many to speculate that they have a thicker head of hair.

Of course, this isn’t permanent. Once you do give birth, your hair loss returns to normality. This can sometimes mean that more hair actually falls out initially, but over time things even themselves out and back to normal.

Your sex drive might diminish

Your other half might not like this final point but unfortunately, it’s a reality.

There are a couple of reasons why your sex drive tends to decease during this period of your life. The first relates to sheer tiredness; let’s not forget that this is likely to be incomparable to anything else you have experienced.

Then, there are the hormones. If you have chosen to breastfeed, your oestrogen levels will be reduced and as a result of this, your desire for sex will fall. It’s not a guaranteed side effect, but it’s certainly worth being aware of.