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Eating Keto During a Busy Life

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One of the most challenging things of the keto diet is that it's tough to find a quick bite to eat that falls in line with the diet's guidelines. For instance, you can't grab a burger or microwave a hot pocket and stay under your carb count. In this article we will discuss some different quick and easy options for people on the ketogenic diet.


Gas Station Snacks – Be Careful!

When most people think about keto snacks in a gas station, it seems like a pretty hopeless place. Between potato chips and microwavable sandwiches there isn't a lot of hope. So what's something you can grab in a gas station and maintain ketosis? Almonds! Grab a bag of almonds and you are good to go. You don't want to eat a ton of almonds, but a couple handfuls will go a long way in getting you to your next meal without cheating.


So what is there to be careful about? Beef jerky. Many people probably assume that beef jerky is safe. Sometimes it is, but most of the time is not. Beef jerky has plenty of additives and sugar that boost the carb count. Make sure to read the label and check out the number of carbs and ingredients.


Coffee Can be a Lifesaver

A cup of coffee can go a long way in postponing a meal. A cup of black coffee has zero carbs. Or if you are at Starbucks you can ask them to add some heavy cream for a little more fat and filling to your coffee. If you are familiar with bulletproof coffee that would be even better.


The two different options of black coffee and bulletproof coffee server very different purposes. Black coffee gives a boost of energy and acts as an appetite suppressant while bulletproof coffee does require some preparation, it basically acts like a meal with the keto nutritional value it provides.


Fast Food – Yes, Fast Food!

Many people assume fast food is not an option when that is not the case. Sure, keto eliminates most of your favorite items from the menu, but there are still some keto options. For instance, toss the bun on a burger. Or you can order the breakfast items a la carte, such as bacon, sausage and eggs.


There are some guides that give specific items on the menu you can order when on the keto diet. Check out these guides for eating keto at McDonald's and Chick-fil-A.


Don't Give In!

When you are out on the road and hungry, it's easy to give in. Instead of just giving in, make the effort to stay on the path to success. It's easy to just say heck with it and go grab a hotdog at a concession stand. Instead of that do one of the things above or if nothing else you can chug some water and hang on for another hour or two before you can get to a kitchen.