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10 tips to burn fat like an athlete

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If you want to become athletic and look like one, you need to burn fat from your body. Athletes use different types of methods to burn the extra fat present in their bodies so as to look more ripped and toned. For an athletic body and to burn more fat, the following tips will help you in a practical way.


1. Three plans of motion

When you’re training, you need to train your body all three planes of motion. You need to perform exercises that include rotations, twisting, turning and side to side motion. Machines cannot help you in performing exercises in all the three planes and so use machines to a minimal degree. When you train in all planes of motion, intensity and variety will be there in your workouts and it will help you to build an athletic looking body.

2. Focus on the core

Athletes have very strong cores along with strong and muscular bodies. You need to strengthen and stabilize the core first. Only after that you need to focus on your arms and legs. There are different exercises which can help you to do that including planks, bridges, cobras, bird dogs and different types of back extensions. There are other important core exercises such as medicine ball chops, medicine ball throws, medicine ball slams and rotational throws.

3. More intense exercises

You need to go for more intense exercises such as speed training, polymeric and sports specific speed exercises only after you work on your core. You need to stabilize and strengthen your core and then the joints and your muscle structure and only then you can go for more intense exercises.

4. Add compound exercises to your workout

You need to add more compound exercises to your workout to burn more fat and to develop an athlete like body. Such exercises will work on your major muscle groups helping you to build muscle mass and burn more fat in the process.

5. Stand on your feet

While exercising, to burn more fat and calories, stand on your feet and perform full body exercises.

  1. Increasing your muscular balance will help you to build muscles in different parts of your body.

7. Flexibility and correct posture

While training, it is very important to improve your flexibility while correcting any problems in posture. You should do it in the early stages of your training. Doing that, will reduce the possibility of injuries during intense training.

8. Bodyweight and dumbbell exercises

You need to add more bodyweight and dumbbell exercises in the workout. Doing that will increase your speed of exercising and as a result it will be possible to burn more fat. Once you are fine with the bodyweight and dumbbell exercises you can increase the weights to burn more fat and calories.

9. Increase rate of force production

You need to improve your rate of force production along with balance. Rate of force production means how fast the muscles in your body can produce force. With increased rate of force production, you’ll be able to perform more challenging exercises and that will help you to burn more fat while building an athletic body.

10. Use all contraction types

You need to train the muscles in your body using different types of contraction types such as eccentric, concentric and isometric. Eccentric contractions are very important for athletes because they will help you to produce maximum power. If eccentric contractions can result in greatest tension development, you need to spend more time for training for eccentric contractions. It will also reduce the possibility of injuries.

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