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Roadblocks to avoid when you want to burn more fat and build more muscle

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Most people dream of these two things- creating a body that has lots of muscle at the right places and no extra fat in the body. It is possible to achieve both these objectives with the help of the same workout routine and diet. For that to happen, you will need to avoid the roadblocks when you want to build muscle and burn fat.

Roadblocks 1- Low testosterone

How can you find out if you have low testosterone? It is important for you to understand if you have low testosterone because without this knowledge you'll be at a real disadvantage while building lean muscle and losing fat. If you're not getting at least 4 to 5 morning erections or the morning wood, you may have low testosterone levels.

In case of adult male SREs (Sleep Related Erections) are directly linked to levels of testosterone. Testosterone production peaks during REM sleep. When the level of testosterone drops, frequency of SREs will. Men who have low testosterone levels may suffer from accelerated muscle wasting. If you are facing this problem, how can you expect to build or at least maintain muscle as you age?

It can crash and destroy your self-confidence and also can create a downward spiral for your health, self-worth, marriage and quality of life. It is very important for you to have good levels of testosterone if you want to build lean muscle while losing belly fat.

Roadblock 2-wrong exercise selection

If you want to build muscle and lose fat at the same time, you will need to select the correct exercises. Wrong selection of exercises can create a big problem for you in achieving these objectives. If you're exercising regularly but not seeing any results as you age, your current exercise program may not be good enough for you and it could be sabotaging your results. Such a program can set you back harder and harder away from your dream of creating a muscle body with very low fat.

Your exercise selection is very critical. Simply exercising is not good enough. If you choose the right exercise, it will help you to get the most out of your workouts. Such a right exercise will flood your body with testosterone and growth hormone which will help you to build muscle and prevent muscle wastage.

This is a very common mistake that guys make. You do that, you are losing the possible results that you could have got and you deserve. You need to know that there are certain muscle groups that you should trained first in order to release more testosterone and IGF-1. Training your muscle in the right order will produce a greater anabolic hormone response in normal weight young adult men. That is why you need the right exercise for you.

Roadblock 3-time wasting workouts

Less is always more and it is also true in case of building muscle and losing fat. Going to the gym as little as possible may be better for you. If you are very busy, it can be very difficult to squeeze in 5 to 6 days a week of training and after some time being not able to go to the gym mate demotivate you and you may start doing altogether. You need to avoid the time wasting workouts so that you can focus on the crucial ones which will help you to create a body that you always desired.

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