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Sound has been used in meditation for ages. Different types of meditation practices use sound in meditating. Different types of sounds are used in such meditation practices.

Sound and music is used because they can deepen the meditation. It can also help you to ease anxiety and promote a sense of well-being.

The power of music is celebrated by different cultures, religions and mystic traditions. Music and sound are used for inducing trance and meditative states. Kirtan, gospel singing, Sufi mysticism and even the use of bells and harps are different forms of sound used in meditation

Sound vibrations

Many meditation practices focus on sound vibrations while meditating. Some may use ancient Tibetan instruments like gongs and crystal singing bowls. Others may use drums and chimes, flutes, harps and other instruments to create different types of sound which are used for making people feel relaxed.


Some practices ask the practitioner to lie down in savasana and then use different types of music and sounds to make them feel relaxed. In some of the practices, you can sit down in a chair comfortably and then use the sounds and music to make yourself more relaxed. Such an hour of sound meditation will help participants to reach a state of more peacefulness. Such a state may be achieved faster when sound in meditation is used in comparison to normal meditation.

If you want to experience a deep peace and calm within a few minutes, you need to practice and experience sound and music meditation. Such a sound meditation will help you by bringing balance and harmony to your body, promoting positive energy and it will help you to get a sense of well-being within a short time.


Sound meditation is a very effective form of meditation. It can help you to ease depression, anxiety and addiction by making you more peaceful and positive. Music is always on mood altering and it can stimulate and sooth you. It can help you to relieve stress and it can get you out of depression.

The tones, maladies, textures, harmonies and the tempo of the music or sound can affect you as a human being psychologically, physically and emotionally. So music and sound can help you to meditate and achieve deep relaxation.

Some of the meditation music and sounds more effective because they are more relaxing than others. Some sounds may be hypnotic for you and some others may cause trancelike states. It is possible for sound and music use along with meditation to alter your brainwaves in such a way that you go into a deep meditation.

There are sonic mantras, music of nature, drones, home chanting, deep meditation music, iso-chronic tones and other search meditation sound and using available which you can use for relaxation and deep meditation.

Should you use it?

Music and sound can calm your mind and body. It can also lead you to a sense of inner journey. In fact listening to music and sounds can also be another activity which will help you to make yourself relaxed. For some people, listening to classical music and sound may help them to experience concentrated calm and blissful states which are offered by meditation.

However, you should be careful in choosing the music and the sound to accompany your meditation. You should not simply just pick up any meditation music and sound and start meditating with the help of it. You will need scientifically produced and created music that follows the necessary rules, because only those type of meditation music and sound will help you to achieve a deeper state.


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