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Most common barriers to meditation

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Meditation can help you in different ways including helping you to get peace of mind and anxiety free living. If you can achieve that, your life can become peaceful and happy. However, there are some common barriers to meditation which does not allow you to practice it perfectly and get the benefits that you can achieve.

Your mind is too busy

Your mind is too busy to sit still for some time. Millions of people try to meditate but they cannot do this because it is not possible for them to sit still for some time. In our society, we are always overstimulated because there are stimulation everywhere and surrounding us. We have our mobile phones, iPads, computers, TVs, car radios, and so many other things which does not allow us to sit for some duration. It's not possible for you to quiet your mind and sit still for long tradition of time. Even when you are sitting there are notifications coming to your mobile phone from different apps that you have on your smart phone. There are calls coming which are important for you and you need to take them. There are WhatsApp notifications, Facebook notifications and other notifications trying hard for your attention. In such a situation, even though you try to focus on quite in your mind and sitting still, the notification sound brings you back to your mobile phone or tablet.

You have a super busy schedule

You have a super busy schedule and it's not possible to fit meditation into it. Since you have so many things to do, you are always busy. There are hundreds of things that are demanding your time. Our society makes is believed that you always need to keep doing something or other and sitting idle is simply a waste of time.

To get everything done, you keep doing something or other and that is why you are super busy and you don't have any more time for anything else, not even for meditation which is beneficial for you. You keep doing things and at one point of time you hit a breaking point.

When you have so much to do, how can you add something more to that list? And since meditation needs some time to show the benefits, and it may be so subtle that you do not notice it, you do not think it is necessary to include meditation by removing something from your super busy schedule. When that happens, you will find the necessary time to sit down and meditate even for a small duration.

You don't know how to meditate

Even though you know the benefits of meditation and you want to meditate, you do not know how to do it. You also don't want to spend lots of money trying to learn it.

Starting is the most difficult thing when you're trying to meditate. If you can break the initial inertia, then it becomes easy for you to start and keep going. When you do not know about the thing, starting it is very difficult. There are lots of information about meditation and how you can practice it but because of information overload, it becomes very difficult for you to decide which information to use and which to discard. Also, many of the information can be confusing and expensive. There may be courses and apps available which will help you to learn meditation but for them you need to pay a monthly subscription or are big one-time payment and you want to do that.


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