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3 barriers stopping you from meditation

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If you have tried meditation at some point of time in your life, you will find that it is not so easy. Whatever the technique is, meditating and keeping your mind focus is not as easy as it seems. There are some barriers that stop you from achieving the benefit such as peace of mind and anxiety free living that arise from meditation.

Barrier 1

Your mind is too busy to sit still. While performing meditation, you need to sit still for a duration of time. But your mind is so busy in different things that it cannot stay at one place even for a few seconds. This is the case weight millions of people across the world. People cannot sit still. We are always overstimulated at every level and that happens because of mobile phones, computers, tablets, TVs, billboards, radios and other things.

The most effective way will be to start with baby steps. Even if you try to sit for 10, 20 or 30 minutes meditating when you first begin, it may not be possible for you. That is why, you will start with baby steps. Simply set for three minutes or 180 seconds every day. Is that possible? Definitely. Three minutes is nothing. Start with three minutes or 180 seconds and then gradually you can increase the once you become expert.

Barrier 2

You are so busy that you cannot fit meditation into your busy schedule. There are so many things that you need to do in your office, at your home and so you don't have any time for meditation. You feel that you need to be always busy doing something or other. If you keep going at this pace, at some point you will reach a breaking point. You can always find a few minutes every day for meditation. It is not easy but it is possible to find 3 to 5 minutes every day where you a sit down and practice meditation. Simply sitting down and practising meditation and keeping your mind still for a few minutes every day will refuel you, recharge you and it will make you more energetic and productive afterwards. If you're getting all those benefits within a few minutes, will it not be possible for you to fine those 3or 5 minutes?

Barrier 3

Another barrier that people these days face is that they want to start meditation but they do not know how to do it but do not want to spend too much money on. You don't have to spend lots of money to learn meditation and practice it at home. There are many economical ways available which will help you to learn and practice meditation right at your home. You do not have to go to a meditation Centre or a yoga class to learn meditation and spend a subscription fee that you need to pay every month. There are different ways which will help you to spend just a few dollars and only once and you will be able to learn and practice meditation every single day. Such alternatives are available and only you need to find them.

Whatever your barrier is, do not let it stop you from achieving all the benefits that you can get from meditation. If you think about it, these barriers are not strong enough to stop you from achieving damaging benefits that meditation can offer you.

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