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How to build muscle if you are over 40

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Building muscle is difficult and it can be more difficult if you are over 40. You will need a completely different approach than when you wear a youth. Let's find out what you can do.


As you age, your body becomes more susceptible to injury and that is why you will need to understand a few things before you go for heavy training.

Always warmup for 15 minutes using a cardio equipment before you lift weights. This is necessary because the warmup will increase your core temperature and will help the blood flow and will make you ready for the workout. The repetition ranges for different exercises that you perform should be in the moderate to high range. You can do 8 to 12 reps for upper body exercises and 12 to 20 reps for lower body exercises. Using heavy weights can put too much pressure on the joints and ligaments and that is why it is better to use moderate weights.

You can always use a combination of free weights and machines. When you age, your stabiliser muscles start to weaken and that can result in problems with your ligaments and tendons if you are using too much free weights. Using missions will reduce that.

While exercising, you should always do so with the right form and posture. Never perform any exercises with poor form because that can result in injury.

The recovery time may be a little longer if you're over 40 and so you need to rest and recovery is crucial for you.


When you are 40 or over it, your metabolism will start to slow down and so your nutrition will have to be changed. Extra carbohydrates and calories will have to be reduced from your diet. If you want to maximise muscle gain but minimise fat gain, you will need to make some changes to your existing diet.

Cholesterol is another big issue for many people over the age of 40. That is why, your diet should be rich and healthy fats.

You'll also need some supplements which will help you to stay healthy. Protein powders, gluten mind, test boosters and multivitamins will help you to get the necessary protein as well as the multivitamin and minerals so that he can get all the nutrients that you are not receiving from your diet.


Cardio is critical for the pull over the age of 40. Since your metabolism is not as fast as it once was, performing regular cardio will help your body fat in check. Cardio is also good for your heart so that you can keep it strong and in shape. Keeping your heart healthy will help you to leave healthy for a longer duration.

You can always perform 3 to 4 cardio exercises every week. Each cardio session should be of low intensity and it can last for 20 to 30 minutes. Walking or light jogging will definitely help you. It is better to stay away from running because it can put too much rusher on your knees and joints. If you wear runner in your youth, you can start low intensity running once or twice a week. And you will need to do whatever you can to keep your heart healthy because that will help you to live a long and fruitful life.

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