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How to experience deep meditation

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Meditation has many benefits and you probably already know a lot about. The benefits will increase when you reach a state of deep meditation. However, experiencing a deep meditation state is not very easy for many people. Let's find out what can help you to experience deep meditation.

Calm your body

Before you start your meditation and during the meditation practice, you need to calm your body. The calmer you are, the better the practice will be for you. Since our mind, body and breath are interconnected, issue relax your body and calm the breath, and it will help your mind to calm down. In yoga, asanas (postures) and pranayama (breathing regulation) can help you to relax yourself faster. You can perform some yoga asanas which will make your body lighter and help you relax. Then you need to perform the breathing exercises for which you can breathe in for four seconds through the nose and then brace out for eight seconds through the nose. You can adjust the duration according to your comfortability but he need to understand that the exhalation should be longer than the inhalation and if possible double than the exhalation.

Make your mind happy

By making your mind happy, it will be easier for you to calm your mind down. If you can signal your mind that everything is well and there is a feeling of safety and contentment, it will be easier for you to make your mind less restless. When your mind in joyful and content, it will be more quiet, together and introverted. You can make your mind happy by remembering something that you are grateful for, remembering the joy of meditation, remembering a very positive memory, feeling good that you are taking some time out to meditate and improve your mind or do something else that makes your mind happy.

Avoid the distractions

When you performing meditation, sometimes you may distracted by some thoughts. You should not feel bad about that you should not criticize yourself because of that. Those thoughts which make you feel bad about yourself or criticize yourself are harmful for you and they will not help you to achieve the good meditation practice. During this practice, you have to be gentle with yourself. You need to understand that in the normal environment, we are always distracted and you have probably trained your mind to be distracted without even knowing about it and so it will take some time to train your mind not to be distracted. You have to be patient and kind with yourself and then only it will be easier for you to get more benefit from the meditation practice.

Find delight in concentration

If you are able to concentrate and focus on the object of your meditation completely, you should be happy and find delight in it. There will be some moments in your mind which will focus more on the meditation object. If you teach your mind to appreciate the joy of concentration, it'll be easier for you to meditate more and for longer duration. It will also help you to increase your focus. If you can open up yourself and enjoy the meditation practice, your mind will be less restless and it will stop thinking about other things when you practice meditation.


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