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5 Facts You Should Know About Botox 100%

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The world of beauty and cosmetics has grown by leaps and bound with the number of cosmetic procedures being developed and undertaken each day. Botox is one such procedure that many people are now opting for out of the sole purpose of correcting aging lines across the eyes, neck, and forehead. This is a complex procedure which has its benefits and disadvantages, which one needs to consider before undertaking the procedure.

Below are some facts about Botox.

  1. Specialized Treatment Can Be Offered

People have different cosmetic and beauty needs and one method can work for you perfectly and not work on another person. So, you can always have the doctor perform all the necessary tests and then recommend for you a personalized treatment. Settle for the best same day dermal filler treatment in Melbourne. Research well enough before settling on the perfect provider. It is imperative to know your skin needs so that you can have the best treatment for it.

  1. Has Side-Effects And Hurts Mildly

Botox procedure has side-effects which are normally mild and usually pass away after some time. A headache, tenderness, inflammation, swelling in the injected area, muscle weakness and skin tightness are some of the side-effects you will experience. If the procedure is done in a wrong manner, you can develop severe complications and infections, which will spread to other parts of your face. Breathing, swallowing and speaking difficulties are other side-effects you can experience. Generally, the procedure lasts a few minutes and hurts for just a few minutes.

  1. Can Also Be Done By Non-Professionals

The procedure is usually done by a professional which is the best way to do it. But it can also be done by non-professionals but under the guidelines a certified dermatologist. The injection is pretty much simple. But, be careful about this. Do proper research and consultation first before the procedure is done. If the procedure is done too deep, too shallow, or on the wrong spot, it can cause serious medical consequences.

  1. It Is Costly

Cosmetic procedures nowadays are very expensive, so before you get to undertake the Botox procedure set aside enough cash. Since it can be done by different people including Spa professional, prices will tend to vary. Some charge per unit Botox, while others charge per treatment areas. The location and the experience level of the expert will also determine the total cost of the procedure. On average, you will use around $500. Research first then settle for the cheaper option but do not compromise on the quality of service.

  1. Results Will Be Evident But Again Fade Away

With any cosmetic procedure, for it to be successful, it must be done in the right way. If the Botox procedure is done correctly, you will start to see results in a week's time with full results showing after 2 weeks when the results are at maximum. But the truth is that these results will again start to fade away after around 4 months meaning you will have to go for another Botox procedure if need be.