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Meditation technique right for you

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If you know about the benefits of meditation, probably you have tried to mitigate it regularly. However, sometimes it can be difficult not just because you need to force yourself to concentrate and sit down but also because there are several varieties of meditation available. Among the different varieties of meditation, finding the right medication for yourself can be difficult.

Not every meditation technique is the right one for everybody. Depending on your predispositions and lifestyle habits, different meditation techniques may work for you.

Meditation using a candle flame or image

In this type of meditation, you learned to focus on an external object like a candle flame, a beautiful image of a flower. You need to connect your mind with this external object and focus your attention on a until you feel the need to close your eyes and drop the image into your heart or mind. When the image fades, you can gently open your eyes again and rest on the external object you have chosen.

Walking meditation

You can combine the healthy habit of walking with meditation. When you perform walking meditation, your focus is on the slow movement of your footsteps. Your footsteps connect to the earth each time you take a step. You keep your eyes open and the attention rests with each step you take. Your mind and breath slow down and coming to a rhythm.


In this type of medication, you bring your full attention to what you are doing. You try to focus completely on what you are doing while you're doing it. If you are eating food or completing your daily chores, you try to bring one-pointed awareness to these actions. You can try to focus your mind on even small and mundane things.

Breath Centred meditation

In this type of medication, you try to focus on your breath. Breath flows into directions. You try to focus your attention on the rhythmic flow of breath as it goes in and comes out. You can gather and focus your attention on the process. You can also try to slow your breath because that may soothe and calm the nervous system. In some meditations, the focus is concentrated on the breath but no efforts are done to control the breath. The meditator simply focuses on how the press is moving in and out.

Meditation using a word, prayer, or mantra

In some cases, the meditator may quietly repeat the same word repeatedly. People practice meditation using a word or mantra. Some people use prayer to medicate. The word or mantra may be a special word used by everyone or it’s specific to the person. This technique is used in connection with mindfulness. When the thoughts and feelings arise they are held and observed without judgment. This allows you to let the thoughts and feelings go easily so that your mind can return to its focus.

Meditation on a feeling

In some meditation techniques, the focus is centered on a good feeling. It can also be memories of the good feeling. By using the feeling, you try to anchor the attention also if you have a happy or positive feeling, it can uplift and it can create a sense of deep joy or peace. You need to hold that feeling in the heart and rest in it.