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The Health Benefits of Having Music in Your Life

health benefits of music

Music is like medicine in a box. If you are feeling frustrated and angry, listening to music can help you calm your spirit and release all those negative emotions. When you are trying to meditate, listening to music can help lower your blood pressure and hard rate, and allows you focus on your breathing. Research shows that by listening to music, you also improve the connections in your brain between your two hemispheres. You can actually become smarter, no matter how old you are. Music is a great way to relax and focus your way to better health, a cleaner home, and a more tranquil nature.

Music and Your Health

Have you been thinking about music and your health lately? You may have heard the Barnes Firm's TV commercial recently, and that catchy jingle stuck in your head. Your memory might continue to play that song in your head over and over. Even though earworms can be annoying, there are a lot of health benefits to listening to music. Here are some additional reasons you need music in your life to live healthier.

Music Allows You to Feel Your Emotions, Leading to Better Mental Health

Researchers who study music learned that by listening to different forms of music, people were able to really process their emotions fully. For example, if you are sad, listening to music that is also sad allows you to wade through sadness or grief, which is what needs to happen for you to get in a better place mentally. Listening to angry music helps you deal with anger, and happy music just makes you happier. The better you can process your emotions through music, the more likely you are to experience better mental health.

Calming Music Can Help with Stress Relief and Meditation

Buddhist monks have been using tonal chimes or gongs to focus their meditation skills. Many people use soft, tonal music, or calming classical music to help them focus and meditate. Meditation is one of the best ways you can reduce your stress level without the use of medication. In fact, many doctors suggest meditation as a way to naturally lower your blood pressure, sleep better, and relax your muscles. When you are feeling yourself getting upset over that driver who pulled out in front of you and then slowed to a crawl, or when you don't want to tell your toddler one more time he can't have a cookie for breakfast, turn on that calming music, and feel your muscles relax.

Classical Music Can Improve Your Concentration

If you need help with your concentration and memory, or you need to focus while you're studying or working, you may want to think about using classical music. Researchers have known for decades that listening to classical music helps with focus, concentration, and memory. In fact, you may have listened to classical music when you were a baby. Classical music is especially good when you are working on a large project that requires a lot of focus. When you need to really get some work done, turn on some great classical music.

Listening to Music Releases Natural Chemicals Into Your Body

Researchers noticed that when people listen to music, their brains do amazing things. First, listening to music causes your brain to release oxytocin, which has several functions in the body. First, oxytocin helps to reduce pain, which means listening to music can help control your aches and pains. Also, oxytocin helps you bond with friends and family. It is often found in large quantities in new mothers. When you listen to music with others, it can help strengthen your bonds of friendship or family ties.

Listening to music also releases dopamine into your body. Dopamine is a chemical that helps your body control movement. You are able to communicate more effectively as well. Dopamine allows you to feel calmer, at peace and lowers your blood pressure as well as your heart rate.

Music Makes Strenuous Tasks Easier There's a reason people work out to music. Researchers have found that listening to upbeat music makes physically hard tasks easier. Feel free to put on your favorite active music, whether it is EDM, 80s hair bands, disco, or funk, and get that workout done! Listening to upbeat music also helps housework, moving, fall cleaning, and wrapping gifts less of a job, and more of a party. Some people have specific upbeat music for specific chores, such as washing the car, waxing floors, or dusting. Don't be afraid to experiment!