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Impact of good health and positive attitude on marriage

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Having good health and a positive attitude can really help you improve your marriage and live a happy life.


Many scientific studies were done about the impact of marriage on your total health. This time researchers from the University of Chicago wanted to see if health and personality can affect marriages.

The study analyzed data from 953 senior heterosexual couples and looked at important clues such as health status and personality traits. They found something interesting. If a husband is in poor health and lacks a positive mindset, his significant other is likely to report higher levels of conflict in the marriage.

What does it happen?

In men's health may affect his wife's quality of life. If the man has poor health, the wife may need to become a caretaker and that can affect heart physical, and mental health. If the person is negative or too stressed by the demands of life, his wife may find dark disposition unpleasant and hard to live with. If the person is too much of an extrovert or too much focused on socializing, the wife may have trouble dealing with the high energy levels and impulsive nature. That nature can make her wary of his behavior.

Men's reaction

Men do not react the same way. According to the researchers, the results don't work the other way around. Men who had wives in poor health, negative mindset, and grumpy did not report a conflict in their marriage. There may be many reasons for this behavior. The man may shrug off the cantankerous attitude or behavior of the wife or may seek the help and support of another family member when the wife is ill.

How to ensure love and harmony?

If there are so many potential discords in relationships, how do long-term unions find harmony?

According to researchers, it can be as simple as both husband and wife taking a step back and really assessing their response to conflict. Once they see their response to different conflicts, they can take intentional steps to preserve the happiness of their marriage. This can save a lot of marriages.

Rekindling love and romance

If there are health issues, difficult personality traits, and negative mindsets, your marriage may take a hit. These variables can negatively affect your marriage and the relationship. However, even when you suffered from such issues, it is possible to rekindle the love and romance in the relationship. If you change, it can help you light up that old spark again.

Ensure better health for yourself and your partner

Ensuring better health for yourself and your partner will not only help you improve your relationship but it will also improve your overall life. When you are healthy, it will be easier for you to achieve happiness and peace. Simple steps like regular exercise and a healthy diet can help you improve your help tremendously within a relatively short time.

Reduce the vanity

Reducing vanity will also help you reduce the stress in your life and improve the relationship. Narcissism can not only destroy your relationship but can also cause health problems.

Improve your love

When you and your spouse get hitched, it happens because of the love and attraction you felt. It is possible to reclaim that. There are many ways to do that and you can choose a simple few that suit you and your personality.