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Some simple and effective way of lasting longer in bed

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Every man want to last longer in bed but they do not have any clue how to do it. The ideal length of a sexual encounter should be around 10 to 25 minutes but not many men can last that long. Even if you can last 5 to 10 minutes that should be good enough.

Reduce your sexual anxiety

You should learn how to reduce your sexual anxiety. Anxiety is one of the main factors why men cannot perform in bed. If you have anxiety about your sexual abilities and you are worried that you will not be able to last longer, then you are not going to last long. When you are anxious, your body knows about it and it tells you that the environment is not safe enough for you to stay. Then your body decides to reduce the amount of time you are in a vulnerable state by use of premature ejaculation.

You will need to approach sex with a confident and positive outlook about how you are going to perform. Instead of worrying about how long you are lasting, you can talk about how you can improve your sex life and then your partner will also understand and appreciate you for your thinking, which will again reduce your anxiety.

Daily exercises

You will need to perform daily exercises for lasting longer. There are different types of exercises available and experts will tell you what you can do. Some of the most popular exercises are Kegel and reverse Kegel exercises. It needs only 10 minutes of your time every day, which is nothing in comparison to the benefits you can get. Another popular exercise technique is masturbation and edging when you learn to control yourself.

You can try different types of exercises to find out which work for you. Not all the exercises will work for you and not all of them are authentic. So, you should be careful while choosing the exercise so that you get benefit for the time and effort you're putting in.

Techniques for lasting longer

There are other techniques which will help you to last longer in bed. Use different techniques and find out which one work for you. One such technique is strategic foreplay ordering where you order the complete system a little differently. The common order of the process may be Kissing/touching”cunnilingus”Fellatio”Sex, but you can modify it a little bit differently as Kissing / touching -> Get her off once manually -> Fellatio -> Cunnilingus -> Sex. Another technique may be using those positions which help you to last longer. Some positions will increase your arousal and move you up arousal stages faster. If you want to stay longer, you should avoid them. If you choose a position where her legs are spread and you standing on kneeling will have less stimulation and so it will help you to delay ejaculation. Breathing techniques will also help you to delay ejaculation. You need to breathe slowly from your diaphragm. Changing in your breathing pattern will help you to reduce your arousal. Another technique may be last-second squeeze when you get too close. In this technique, you will try to bring yourself back from the point of no return by squeezing your Kegel muscles for some time which will help you to come back from the point of cumming.


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