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Rapid Weight Loss: What The Experts Don’t Tell You

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It doesn’t matter what year this article is written in, weight loss philosophies are going to remain the same. Everyone wants to stay thin – and that’s something that’s not going to change.

Unfortunately, in a bid to get to that desired dress or shirt size, some people start to take more drastic measures. This can range from a strict, but safe diet, all the way through to starvation (which quite clearly doesn’t fall into the safe category!).

For the purposes of today’s post, we are now going to look at some of the side effects that tend to occur through forms of rapid weight loss.

Your breasts can change shape

This can be a good or bad thing – depending on how you view your breasts. Nevertheless, if you have been carrying a lot of weight and this suddenly drops, this can sometimes impact the size and shape of your breasts. Unfortunately, there are no guarantees on how your breasts react to weight loss, meaning that breast revision surgery can sometimes be considered by those women whose breasts might not actually change sahpe during the process.

You can lose muscular definition

You might be trying to lose weight all with the aim of dropping your fat levels, but don’t forget that this can impact other areas, like your muscle.

As you are dropping weight at such a fast level, everything is going to be affected. Your body won’t have the fuel to build and retain muscle, and you’ll therefore lose it.

Gallstones can become an issue

It sounds specific, but another side effect of rapid weight loss can be gallstones. This relates very closely to the point we made previously; when you shed the pounds, everything is going. In this case, water is the main problem.

Due the amount of water your body will be losing, the chances of gallstones occurring can be significantly higher. In terms of hard and fast numbers, almost 1 in 4 people who lose weight at a rapid pace can suffer with this condition.

You will be tired

Something else that you will immediately notice is that tiredness will be part of your everyday routine. We’re not referring to the feeling you have when you get out of bed on a morning, but more in relation to your general feeling throughout the day.

Again, it’s because of that lack of fuel. Your body is struggling to keep up with the demands of your day-to-day rigours, and it means that it can be difficult for it to function.

You can become malnourished

Malnutrition is a term which tends to be associated with third world countries and the hunger problems that some people face there. As it turns out, it’s a problem that can occur closer to home if you don’t stay on top of your weight properly.

The problem usually stems from a lack of protein. Without this, your body will not have been provided the correct nutrition, and this is where malnourishment symptoms can occur.