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How Can I Naturally Whiten My Teeth?

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Have you ever noticed that having white teeth makes your smile that much more beautiful? In fact, when someone first meets you, the first thing that they notice is your smile. That is one of the reasons why many people want to ensure their smile is as white as possible. There are a lot of things that you can be doing on a regular basis to ensure your smile is white. Keep reading as the dentist in Westchester CA explains how to naturally whiten your teeth.

Eat more strawberries

One great tip that is always helpful is eating strawberries. Many people don't realize because strawberries are such a bright color that they will actually be great for your teeth. What are inside strawberries that will actually help to keep your teeth white? So, the next time you are trying to think of a snack and you are unsure of where to turn, you can grab some strawberries. Not only are they filled with great nutrients but they will help give you a brighter smile too.

Use Baking Soda

Baking soda is one of the oldest and best tricks in the book. You can either put it directly on your teeth or you can add it to your toothpaste. This is especially a good idea if your toothpaste doesn't already have much baking soda in it. It won't help your toothpaste to taste quite a mint flavored but it will help to brighten your teeth. Make sure that you rinse your mouth thoroughly to ensure no one stays in after you wash your mouth out. It's also important to remember not to do this every single day. Try and stay in a routine and only do it a couple of times per week. For example, you can start using baking soda on your teeth Monday and Thursday.

Start Oil Pulling

Many people don't know what oil pulling is. Oil pulling has been a known thing to do for your dental health for a while now but since it is time-consuming, many people skip over it. The good news is that you can do other things while oil pulling. What oil pulling is is when you take coconut oil and swish it our your mouth. This will pull the toxins even out of your body as well as plaque that has been left on your teeth and gums. This will not only give you better dental care and health but it will help to keep your teeth whiter. When you first take the oil out and put it in your mouth it will be quite hard. You start swishing it around your mouth. Since it will soften over time, this will become easier. It's recommended that you do this for at least 15 minutes. That does not mean that you need to stand at the sink and swish for the entire 15 minutes. You can be watching television or cooking. When you are finally finished it's time to toss the oil. Don't spit it down the sink though. It will end up hardening and will make it so that there is a clog in the sink. We recommend simply spitting it right into your trash can.

Stay away from certain foods

You know there are a lot of foods and drinks you should try and stay away from. Some of these include coffee, red wine, and a lot of darker foods. They can end up staining your teeth. If you absolutely love any of these foods or beverages, one thing that you can do is to rinse your mouth with water right after you finish having these kinds of foods. That means the particles will not end up staying in your mouth as long and will cause less harm.

Use a whitening toothpaste

Whitening toothpaste does work! There are some out there that really will do the trick. One thing that is recommended however is not to always use these kinds of toothpaste. Make sure you swap them back out after using them for a couple of weeks. After a few months, if you would like to use them again, you definitely can to continue to keep your teeth sparkling white.

Go to the dentist

The dentist has some faster ways which will get the job done. They can give you a great gel which will start helping after just a couple of uses. They also can do in house whitening which will help to give you a brighter smile in just an hour. You will walk out of the dentists’ office with a white smile. This is a great idea if you have an event coming up soon like a family reunion or a wedding that you want a white smile and the results right away.

Always ask your dentist for assistance when choosing

The final recommendation is always to ask your dentist and ask for their advice. You can let them know your time frame, if you are looking simply to have a white smile over time and keep it or if you need it for a specific date, you can let them know your budget, and they already know your mouth. This way, you know you are being safe.

As you can see, there are so many different ways you can start naturally whitening your teeth. Although there are some quicker options which are especially great if you suddenly have an event you are headed to and you need your teeth looking nice and bright. Overall, make sure that you are always brushing your teeth two times per day and flossing them once daily. This will also help to not only give you a better smile but it will help keep plaque off your teeth. We hope this list helps you have a beautiful and sparkling white smile!