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The Surprising Links Between Your Diet And Bigger Breasts

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Once upon a time you were born with your breast size – and little else within your control could change this.

Suffice to say, the world has changed.

No, we’re not necessarily talking about the likes of Breast Revision (Corrective Breast Surgery) here (although this is a very good option), but some of the so-called daily tasks that you can do to make a difference.

It has been found that exercise can impact the size of this body part, but as today’s title has already given away we are now going to take a look at what foods can boost your breast size.


Some people might turn their nose up at this first suggestion, as seafood is certainly something that splits the nation when it comes to taste (and sometimes allergies!).

However, in the art of increasing the size of your breasts, all of the evidence so far suggests that this could have a really powerful impact. This is because seafood contains something called manganese, which can boost the production of sex hormones in your body. Ultimately, this fuels those bigger breasts.

Which seafood is the most effective in this regard? Prawns and oysters are two really good options and will pack a huge punch when it comes to those sex hormones.

Fenugreek seed extract

This next dietary tip might not be something that finds its way into your meals on an everyday basis, but the power of fenugreek seed extract should not be understated.

This is something that has been found to fuel the growth of the mammary gland (in other words, the gland that can influence the size of your breasts). It does this via the immense source of phytoestrogens it contains.

There’s a bit of flexibility on how to consume this as well. Either turn to the direct seed and consume once daily, or look towards an oil-based solution which can even be applied directly to your breasts. Or, if you want to go the full supplement path, look at a capsule-based version of fenugreek seed extract which is becoming more readily available.


Let’s return to normality with this next selection. As well as unofficially being the food of pretty much every bodybuilder out there, chicken can be a godsend from a breast development perspective as well.

Ignoring the fact that it contains huge amounts of protein, chicken also contains estrogen. This has been found in numerous studies to correlate with bigger breast size, so tapping into foods containing it is something you should most definitely consider.

One food to avoid: Coffee

Let’s conclude with a note about coffee. Sure, it might be everyone’s favorite morning beverage, but in the interests of increasing your breast size this is something that you should look to downweigh as much as possible in your diet.

A study found that women who drink three or more cups of coffee per day are more likely to see their breasts shrink. Clearly, this is the opposite effect we are looking to achieve through today’s article!