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Good healing of scars

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Scars can make you anxious because they may destroy your look and can create unwanted marks on the skin. It becomes especially disturbing if it is not healing fast enough. It is possible to heal your scars in a good way.

Keep an eye not a hand

Need to keep an eye on your scar not a hand. It means, you need to monitor your scar so that you know its progress and if there is any problem, you come to know about it immediately. However, you need to completely avoid touching the area and necessary. It is important to keep the area clean and dry and whenever you need to touch it, you should stabilise your hands before touching it. Sometimes you meant to touch to apply the cream or gel so that it will dry up faster and heal better. Even then, you need to sterilise your hands. You should never pick scabs because that will prolong the healing process and will also increase the risk of infection.

Since every scar is different, you need to ensure that you follow the specific advice of your doctor. It is very important to keep your wound clean. Infection is the worst thing that can happen to a healing scar and infection may happen if you do not keep your wound clean and if you touch it without sterilising your hands. Such inspection can cause other problems and may make you very sick.

If you find swelling, redness, teaching and pain in the affected area, you should immediately talk to your doctor. If you find any puss in or around the wound, talk to your doctor about it. You should also talk to your doctor if you see your temperature raising.

Know the stages of recovery

If you know where you are in the healing process, it will eliminate the possibility of any unnecessary concern and will also reduce the possibility of missing signs. In case of an incision or stitches, the wound may take a full three months to heal and the scar will fade over a number of years.

Stage 1-Haemostasis

This stage happens immediately. During this stage, blood rushes to the side of the wound and clotting happens. As a result of clotting, bleeding stops.

Stage 2-Inflammation

During the second stage, after a few minutes after you receive the wound, repair work of the wound starts. During this stage, the wound heats up, pain increases and redness spreads. This is a stage that can last up to 4 days.

Stage 3-Proliferation

In this stage, the tissue around the wound contracts. As a result of that your owned will become smaller and the skin around it will close. This stage happens from around day 4 up to date 21.

Stage 4-Remodelling

After about 21 days, the deeper structures begin to form and as a result of that the wound gets tensile strength. This is a process that may continue for around two years. This is the stages during which most of the problems occur and it can result in serious scarring in the longer term for you.

Be careful about keloid and hypertrophic scars

You should be careful about keloid and hypertrophic scars. During the remodelling phase connective tissue builds up and at this time to key problems may happen, which are keloid and hypertrophic scarring.


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