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Testosterone – Genes or The Environment Determines its Level?

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I have two riddles for you. If my father was a testosterone bull, would I be a charged testosterone bull? And if my father was a rather gentle man with low testosterone, will I follow him as well? Testosterone is widely believed to be hereditary in its own way. This means that our fathers tend to be high or low. It turns out, however, not entirely.

Genetic vs environmental conditions

Research conducted under the supervision of Dr. Kesson Magid from Durham University proved that the environment in which we are brought up is much more influential than the genes passed on by our fathers.

An experiment was carried out in which 359 men were examined. Their age, height, weight, physical condition and testosterone levels were accurately recorded. Then the respondents were divided into five groups

Results of study

Studies have shown that Bangladeshi males who grew up in the UK (second group) have significantly higher testosterone levels than males born and living in Bangladesh (first group). In addition, they mature faster and were taller. All indications are that upbringing in a healthy and safer environment provides a higher level of testosterone. But how? What about the truly masculine struggle for survival? Not in this case.

It’s about the amount of energy and how the body uses it. If the conditions are severe (hunger, disease, etc.), our body focuses on survival. There is no surplus energy, because everything goes either to feed the body or to fight disease. However, if we live in good conditions, our body has surplus energy, which can lead to an increase in testosterone levels.

It is also worth noting that the comparison of the fourth and fifth groups showed that the human race also has no particular impact on the level of the androgen discussed. As Dr. Kesson Magid explains, it is unlikely that men's testosterone levels will depend on their ethnicity or where they lived as adults. It reflects the conditions in which they lived as children.

Low testosterone level results

A low level of testosterone has a bad effect on the body. Then energy is lacking, sexual drive is reduced and erection problems occur. The problem is that too high a testosterone level is not good either. Although muscle mass increases, but also the level of aggression increases and the risk of prostate cancer increases. So bad, so bad. So what to do? As usual – aim for the golden mean.