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What Is the Noom Diet and Can It Help You Lose Weight?

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There are countless weight-loss programs being marketed to Americans today, with most of them promising rapid weight loss in short periods.  It's no wonder then that Americans have become very skeptical about choosing the right weight plan to follow.  One of such weight loss plan today with a surprisingly strange name is Noom.

Noom is a new weight loss diet program that tackles a different aspect of the weight loss industry. It tries to tackle the mental aspect and identify triggers and barriers that prevent users from reaching their weight loss goals.

Noom has a catchy introduction that allows users a 30 seconds free evaluation time during setup. That way your current weight, gender, age, and height can be ascertained.

How does it Work?

The new App network works by fully assessing an individual’s personality traits, eating habits, current diet as well as exercise pattern.  It also records health conditions, medications, and even the environment the individual resides. It collects all this information in an effort to identify barriers and mental triggers specular to each user.

The App asks questions that have a series of options to choose from, and when you are done you are asked to submit your email address and your weight loss goal for the month. Noom weight loss program is quite pricey, after the free trial you will need to pay $74.25  every two months. A custom workout plan that cost $39,  a custom meal plan that cost $59 and a custom weight-loss DNA test program that cost $39. Learn more here

Noom will assess your individual lifestyle to determine your goals which it designates as the big picture. The big picture is referenced in the App as:

Super Goals: Goals you intend to achieve at the end of the program

Ultimate Why: Focuses on motivating factors

Noom Programs Worthy of Note

There are various programs within Noom that you can choose from. One of them is listed below:

Healthy Weight Program: The healthy weight program is most active of all the programs and has a duration of about 16 weeks.  During the 16 weeks, you are allowed to log in your weight steps and food you take.  Each of this meal and step to take has a budgeted amount that must be strictly adhered to.

The program also has virtual articles, lots of motivational groups, and special challenges each week to keep you motivated.  You will also have access to a personal weight loss coach that tracks your goals.

It’s very easy to access your personal coach via the in-app feature for chat Communications.  Personal coaches go the extra mile to ensure users and clients are accountable to themselves helping them reach their target weight loss goal within the specified period

What Makes Noom so Different from others

Noom prides self as a weight loss plan that takes a different approach from the numerous weight loss plans sold to Americans on a daily basis. Here is a bulleted list of what we think differentiates this program from other programs out there:

  • The strong focus on the program on mental triggers of weight loss. It has numerous articles and plans that push you off your limits and barriers responsible for shielding you from your desired goals.
  • Noom recognizes that losing weight is not just about changing your diet.  You have to change your whole look, personality, and approach.  You have to change your head, you have to change your outlook, you have to change your appearance and you have to train yourself mentally.
  • Mental barriers are one of the most formidable rate-limiting steps to achieving success with any weight loss plans.  Most people won’t change unless they have adequate motivation to skip past the metal barriers that stop them from reaching their goals.

To make all this possible a one-on-one coach dedicated to each client is the best approach Noom uses to help clients crossover the metal boundaries created by them either consciously or subconsciously. In a nutshell, Noom offers a new dimensional solution to tackling weight loss that is lacking in other Apps.  The major goal seems to be centered on finding a new normal that is healthy for users.

Remember that the program is not free, although you can download the App for free; membership runs as high as $50-$75 per month