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Fitness Programs and Role of Your Instagram

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For the most part, the decision to start working out and the resolve to stick to a particular fitness program comes from personal motivation. Then again, we live in a social media world that effects its influence on every facet of our lives. Health, fitness, and wellness are aspects of life especially talked about on Instagram from photos of models and fitness gurus, to adverts form gears manufactures, there is a constant torrent of information about how you can improve yourself.

Even though it might seem that there is a shortage of genuineness and a lot of bragging on social media (especially Instagram), with the right perspective and motivation you too can gain positively from the wealth of health and fitness information available of Instagram.

Motivational Effect

Sometimes it is challenging to haul yourself to the gym. It is especially if you have had a long day of work or it is scorching outside. Then you pick up your phone, go through most recent feeds, and there are all your friends and other people you might not know posting images and videos of them getting their fitness on, suddenly you feel like getting to some exercise, you feel pumped you feel motivated. When you realize that, others around you are working out and getting excited about their results, it has a stronger motivational impact than television Ads or other types of advertising.

Support Groups

After years of procrastination, sloth, and poor dieting, you might find the task of creating an exercise and dietary regime a most daunting one. You suddenly feel alone, but fret not because there is a large group of people going through the same challenge online especially on Instagram. Sharing your journey and challenges can get you to support from not only those interested in fitness but everyone who comes across your story. This positive feedback and reinforcement can serve as fuel to motivate you not to give up on your current fitness plan, and it can encourage you to take on greater fitness goals.

There is so much information out there on Fitness and health, that contemplating going through all of it can easily induce headaches. The associated blog with the matter Social10x says that Instagram and other social media Apps have not only made this information more accessible to read but also put it within our smartphones.

Intimidation Factor

Watching loved ones and strangers go after and crush their fitness goals on Instagram can be encouraging. However, at times, you can end up feeling intimidated or even discouraged by what you see. With a variation in how we are built, some of us cannot get abs no matter what. When you are struggling with something like fitness goals and are suddenly made aware of people effortlessly attaining greater goals, it is often easier to not bother trying at all. You have to be aware of all the staging and photoshopping that goes into some of these Instagram accounts especially celebrity accounts.


Social media is full of fitness and workout inspiration, Instagram visual nature for images and videos makes its content enjoyable to look at and easy to follow along. When you go through health and fitness timelines or feeds on Instagram, you are actively consuming and assimilating this information. In the past, such an endeavor would require you to buy health magazines, subscribe to websites, or talk to an expert. These days, all you need to do is search on Instagram or any other social media App, and you receive the information.

Instagram Fitness Models

These days we get to see a lot of built and gorgeous bodies almost every few minutes, whether we would like to or not. The number of these Instagram models clamoring for the most followers is on the rise since they can get endorsements and sponsorships. Which often leads them to a career in fitness and wellbeing companies, gyms of working with companies that produce workout equipment. While most of these so-called fitness models are looking for endorsements or taking you on as a paying client, there are still a significant number of them that are on Instagram for the love of fitness. They are always willing to not only show what they do but also answer questions and engage with the public on matters fitness.