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How alcohol and drug addiction can ruin your sex life?

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Alcohol is widely consumed for recreational purposes. However, there are those who drink it without manners or regulation, leading to adverse health, economic, and even social problems. One of the most severe effects that result from unregulated alcohol consumption is the disruption of sex performance.

There are both medical as well as physical, sexual effects that result from excessive and unregulated alcohol consumption. These include:

Low libido
Alcohol is known to cause law libido in both men and women as it affects the brain causing such sensations as sexual arousal reduces. Therefore, the addicts lack the urge to have sex, and even when they are on it, they cannot last for long as their call disappears after just a few moments. This makes many addicts feel ashamed, thus avoiding potential partners entirely.
Consequently, the addict tends to even consume more alcohol to quell their low esteem, only to worsen their situation further.


Consuming alcohol for an extended period also leads to impotence in both genders. Alcohol causes a condition which is referred to as droop of the brewers which erupts into full impotence if not adequately tackled. This results in difficulties when trying to get children. In females, it can result in menstrual as well as fertility difficulties.

Lack of decency

No one would wish to couple with a disheveled, untidy partner. Alcohol addicts will generally fail to look into their hygiene and can last for long periods without taking a bath or even clean their clothes. It then becomes hard for such individuals to attract sexual partners leading to low sexual activity.

Physical ailments

Alcohol causes various types of diseases which significantly affect the human body. These diseases are hard to cure and carry side effects which include low sexual activity to the patient. These ailments include:

Sexually transmitted ailments
Sexually transmitted ailments are diseases which are contacted through sexual contact. When a person is intoxicated, they do not pay attention to the risks involved from having unprotected sex, resulting in sexually transmitted ailments and other harmful diseases. Some of these ailments are very painful, and because they affect sex organs, it becomes really difficult to enjoy sex. Thus the victims tend to altogether avoid the same.

Therefore, when the addict is on the road to recovery, they are likely to have limited urge for sexual contact much to the disgruntlement of their partners.

Unplanned pregnancies
Unplanned pregnancies are the next effects that can result from unregulated alcohol intake. When one is high, they tend to lose their sense of right and wrong and end up having sex without the necessary precautions. The result is this is unwanted pregnancies which greatly affect the livelihoods of both the addict and their young ones.

Withdrawal from the society
Alcohol addicts tend withdrawing from the general population due to various reasons. If you do not interact with others, it becomes very hard to find a sexual partner.

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