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Everything about rotator cuff injury

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Rotator cuff is a group of muscles and tendons which is present around the shoulder joint. Its job is to keep the head of your upper arm bone firmly within the shallow socket of the shoulder. Rotator cuff injury can result in ache in the shoulder and it can gradually progress to make the pain worse for you.

Such injuries are generally seen in case of people who repeatedly perform overhead motions. It may be in your job or sports or in the gym. This problem is most commonly seen in case of painters, carpenters and baseball and tennis players. As your age progresses, the risk of rotator cuff injury also increases. Many people use physical therapy exercises to get relief from rotator cuff problem. Such exercises may also help you by improving your flexibility and strength of the muscles that surround the shoulder joint.

Sometimes because of a single injury, rotator cuff tears may happen. In such cases, proper care becomes very important for proper is very. In case of some people when extensive rotator cuff tears happen, it may require surgical repair or transfer of tendons or joint replacement.


There are some specific symptoms which will help you to understand whether you are suffering from rotator cuff injury are not. The most prominent symptom is pain in your rotator cuff and reduction in range of motion.

The pain which is associated with a rotator cuff injury may be a dull ache which is deep in the shoulder. It may make sleeping difficult for you. If you somehow lie on the affected shoulder the intensity of pain may increase and may wake you up or make it difficult for you to go to sleep. Simple things like combing your hair reaching behind your back may become difficult for you. You may also experience some arm weaknesses.


As mentioned earlier, rotator cuff problems may result from a substantial injury to the shoulder. It may also happen because of a progressive degeneration or wear and tear of the tendon tissue of the shoulder. In some people it happens because of repeated keep overhead activity, heavy lifting and similar activities. Because of development of bones parts in the bones around the shoulder may also damage the tendon and cause rotator cuff injury.

Risk factors

The risk of developing rotator cuff injury increases because of the following factors.

Age-it increases as you get older. It is seen that such rotator cuff tears are common in people older than 40.

Sports-rotator cuff injury may be more common in some sports. If you are an athlete who needs to regularly perform repetitive arm motions like in baseball, archery or tennis, you have a higher risk of developing rotator cuff injury.

Construction jobs- it is more common in case of people doing some specific jobs. Painters and carpenters need to move their arms repeatedly in a specific motion often overhead. Performing such motions regularly over a long duration can result in rotator cuff injury.

Family history-rotator cuff injury may also have a genetic component. If there is a history of rotator cuff injury in your family, you are more likely to suffer from this problem in comparison to other people who do not have any family history of rotator cuff injury.


Daily shoulder stretches and strengthening exercises are very important in preventing future possibility of rotator cuff injury. You should find exercises which will help you to strengthen the muscles in the back of the shoulder and around the shoulder blade so as to avoid future rotator cuff injury possibilities.


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