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Simple ways to improve your athletic performance

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It is possible to improve your athletic performance and the following ways will help you to improve your performance. If you adopt the following principles and use them in your practice and training, they will help you to encounter fewer problems and improve your performance.


Maintain fluid intake of 550 to 800 ml per hour

If you are exercising, during your exercise, you need to maintain fluid intake between 550 to 800 ml per hour. Dehydration and over hydration both are bad for you because both of them have serious physiological consequences. Acute overhydration can result in hyponatremic (low-sodium) induced, and ultimately death.

Under most conditions, as an athlete, you hydration need will be satisfied by fluids of 550 to 800 ml per hour. If you’re working out in a cold weather, you may need a little more than half of this amount. If you’re working out in a very hot and humid condition and you are big athlete with a big body, then you may need 900 ml.

If you regularly intake near about 1 L fluid every hour, it may increase the possibility of serious performance and health problems. Your body will have a problem in dealing with excess fluid or water in your body.

Reduce calorie intake to 300 cal per hour

You need to reduce your calorie intake to 300 cal per hour during exercise. Your body is not able to process calorie intake at the same rate as your calorie expenditure. If you try hard to replace all the fuels you have lost, which means about 700 to 900 cal per hour, then you may suffer from bloating, vomiting, nausea and diarrhea.

For achieving your best performance, replenish your calories wisely. You should also let your fat stores to make the difference between the calorie intake and expenditure. For most of athletes, it is found that 240-300 cal per hour is the optimum one.

Even though it’s common among athletes to think that they need to match calories out with calorie in, this is not true.

Use complex carbohydrates

Instead of using simple sugars as your fuel, use complex carbohydrates. Simple sugars are inefficient fuel for exercise. If you regularly consume them, they can cause trouble for you and your health. They offer energy peaks and crashes. They also have a severe limitation on the possibility of absorption. If you use too much of simple sugars, you will get sick. Complex carbohydrates are easy to absorb and they are absorbed at a rate three times that of simple sugars. They also offer you smooth and reliable energy when you need it.

Use soy and whey

Whey proteins offer lots of proteins but they are good after exercise. If you used before or during your exercise, the glutamine present in it produces ammonia and when ammonia buildup happens, it causes muscle fatigue. Soy or rice will provide you the necessary protein with a very less ammonia production.

You need protein too

If you are exercising and doing it for more than two hours, you also need proteins along with carbohydrates. Carbohydrates won’t fulfill the entire energy requirement if you exercise for more than two hours. You need proteins to provide 10% of your energy requirements. For that, you can use fuel containing more complex carbohydrates and soy protein.


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