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How to get rid of eczema

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The following tips will help you to get rid of eczema.

Coconut oil

If you are not allergic or intolerant to coconut, it is great for eczema treatment and can help you to get relief. Use a thin-layer of coconut oil on the affected areas and that will cool eczema itching and pain. If you're sensitive to coconut oil, instead of it, you can use some hypoallergenic lotion bars which also work well. Coconut oil can be used as a natural moisturizer. It also has antibacterial abilities and that is why it can reduce staph bacteria on the skin and thereby prevent infection. You should always choose a virgin or cold pressed coconut oil because they do not contain any chemicals. A randomized clinical trial found that virgin coconut oil can improve the symptoms of eczema after 8 weeks of use.

Aloe Vera gel

Aloe Vera gel is extracted from the leaves of the aloe plant. It is very beneficial for your skin. People have been using it for centuries to a wide range of ailments. It can also help you to soothe eczema. Aloe Vera gel has antibacterial, antimicrobial, immune system boosting, wound healing properties and that is why it can openly prevent skin infections, but it can also help in healing. It will prevent infection from the dry and cracked skin resulting from eczema and it will also promote healing of your broken skin.

You can buy aloe Vera gel in health stores, general stores and even online. You can also get an aloe Vera planned and use the gel directly from its leaves.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a well-known home remedy which is used for different types of conditions including skin problems. It can help you to get relief from eczema. However, you should be careful while using it because the vinegar's acids can damage soft tissues. It is useful because it can balance the skeins acidity levels as it is highly acidic. People who suffer from eczema may suffer from weakening of the skin's defenses. If you apply dilutive Apple cider vinegar, it will balance the skin's acidity levels.

Apple cider vinegar will also help you to fight bacteria and it can prevent broken skin from becoming infected. You can use it in wet wraps or baths and it is generally available in the supermarkets and health stores.


Bathing is an important part of eczema treatment. If you are suffering from eczema problem, you need some extra moisture for your skin as the outer layer of your skin is not functioning as it should. However, be careful while bathing as it can dry out the skin and make eczema worse if you are using too hot or cold water, using the wrong soap or not moisturizing after a bath. You can bath or shower at least once a day by using lukewarm water and use gentle cleansers instead of soaps. Limit berthing to 10 to 15 minutes and avoid scrubbing the skin.

Once you take a bath, moisturizer within three minutes of getting out. Pat dry your skin with a towel and then apply an oil-based moisturizer even before the skin is fully dried. After washing and drying your hands, you need to apply moisturizer to help prevent eczema flares.


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