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Baby eczema treatment

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Daily berthing and moisturising is key to treating baby eczema. You can use a mild cleanser and warm water for doing so. The bath should not continue beyond 15 minutes for your baby. After the birth gently pat your baby dry and apply a fragrance free cream or ointment to ensure that your baby's skin is not dry. You need to apply the moisturiser cream or lotion when the skin is still damp. You should moisturise at least twice a day. You can do so at diaper changes.


Eczema in babies result from an overreaction of the immune system. However, there is no one exact known cause of this problem. Different things can result in this problem and it can be a combination of genetic and environmental factors.


Warm bath with moisturiser

You need to give your baby a short warm bath because it'll help you to provide your baby relief from eczema. A daily warm bath for 5 to 10 minutes is usually beneficial. After the bath, you should apply moisturiser on the damp skin. Do not use any synthetic soaps or cleansing agents which are harsh or perfumed. It is important to notice how your baby's skin reacts to the soap you are using for bath. Do not let the skin dry out after the bath. To ensure that, you need to apply moisturiser on the damp skin immediately after patting the baby's skin dry.

Use an ointment

You can use an ointment to treat eczema problem of your baby. Skin ointments are effective for treating eczema because they will help in keeping the moisture in. While choosing the right ointment, go for the most natural formulae available because fragrances and preservatives can irritating for babies were already suffering from eczema. There are over-the-counter moisturises and prescription creams available for treating eczema.

Use a wet dressing

You can also use a wet dressing for treating your baby's eczema problem. It is more beneficial in case of severe eczema flare-up. The wrap is essential to ensure that the topical treatments applied on the skin stay moist and so can be better absorbed into the skin.

For applying a wet dressing, you can give your baby a bath and then gently dry the skin. Apply cream or moisturiser. Then you can wet gauze or cotton clothing with clean, warm water and then apply them to the affected area. Now cover the wet layer with another light layer of dry clothing. You will need to keep the dressing on for 3 to 8 hours. However, please do so after talking to your paediatrician and under medical supervision.

If you eczema want immediate relief from eczema for your baby, you should use Aveeno Baby Eczema Therapy Night-time Balm. It will soothe your baby's dry, itchy skin without any greasy feeling. It combines natural colloidal oatmeal and dimethicone which will strengthen the skin's moisture barrier and thereby will prevent and protect against dryness and irritation of skin. It is the first and only nighttime Balm formulated with natural colloidal oatmeal. It is very safe for your baby's delicate skin. The formula is specially formulated for babies and it has received the National Eczema Association Seal of Approval. It is steroid-, fragrance- and paraben-free and recommended by pediatricians across the world.