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Foods that will help you to fight eczema

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Eczema sufferers know how difficult the condition is. The dry, cracked skin causes lots of irritation and makes it uncomfortable for the person suffering from it. The insatiable itch and the embarrassment make their lives miserable.

Eczema, whether normal or severe, is a very difficult condition to live with. Besides using different treatment options and medications, it is also possible to take care of the problem with the food you eat. Your diet decides a lot about whether you are going to suffer from this problem more or less.

There are some specific foods which can help you to feel better by decreasing the inflammation and without worsening the already difficult problem. These foods will also help in promoting skin repair which will help you to feel better and look better.


Some of the most important eczema friendly foods are-


Banana contains high amount of potassium. It also contains histamine lowering nutrients which will help you to avoid any allergic response and inflammation. Banana also contains magnesium and vitamins C which are good for your skin.

Beef or chicken broth

If you need skin repairing, you should have beef or chicken broth. They provide amino acid glycine helps in skin repairing. Skin repairing is very essential for people who suffer from eczema because of the scarring, pigmentation and other skin problems.

Green onions

Green onions are good for you if you’re suffering from eczema because they include histamine lowering, anti-inflammatory quercetin. As a result, your body will have lower histamine. It also offers strong anti-inflammatory effect.


Potato is rich in fiber, vitamins C and potassium. It is alkalizing. All these will help you to get rid of the itching and inflammation problem caused by eczema.

Rice milk

Rice milk is an eczema safe food because it contains low chemicals. It is also a low allergy food.


Buckwheat is a good food for eczema patients because and it contains quercetin. Quercetin is a histamine lowering anti-inflammatory element. As a result, your body will have lower histamine besides having anti-inflammatory doses.

Mung bean sprouts

That are alkalizing in nature are good for eczema patients. Mung bean sprouts is an alkalizing foods and so is good for you if you are suffering from eczema.

Cold Water fish

Cold water fish like Salmon, halibut and cod are good for you when you are suffering from eczema. They offer lots of omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids are good for you because they reduce eczema flare-ups and make you comfortable in your daily life.

Other foods

There are other foods which are good for patients suffering from eczema. These are known as eczema healthy foods. Such foods include fish, beans and vegetables.

To find out if a specific food is bad for you or not, you can stop its eating them for 14 days and then reintroduce them into your diet. Do that One by one. If they cause a reaction, then that food is not safe for you. You need to remember that in some cases symptoms appear only after a few days.


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