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Your tongue can tell you about your health

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If you stick out your tongue and look in the mirror, your tongue can tell you a lot about your health. Let's find out what you can know from the condition of your tongue.

Tongue has a white coating or white spots

If you have a white tongue or white spots on your tongue, it could be an indication of

Oral trash: a yeast infection inside the mouth. It appears as white patches which may look very similar to cottage cheese. It is mostly seen in case of infants and elderly and in case of people with weak immune system. People who suffer from diabetes and those people who take in health steroids for asthma or lung disease may also have this problem.

Leukoplakia: this is a condition where the cells and outgrow excessively and they result in white patches on the tongue and inside the mouth. If your car is irritated because of some reason, this condition may develop. It is often seen in case of people who use tobacco products.

Orrell lichen planus: in this condition you will see a network of raised white lines on your tongue which may look similar to lace. This condition generally resolves on its own.

Your tongue is red

A red tongue may be a sign of:

Vitamin deficiency: if you suffer from folic acid and vitamin B12 deficiencies, your tongue may have a reddish appearance.

Geographic tongue: this condition can result in a map like pattern of reddish spots which are seen on the surface of the tongue. The patches seen here may have a white border around them. The location of these patches on the tongue may change over time. It is generally harmless.

Scarlet fever: this is an infection which may result in a strawberry like appearance of your tongue. The tongue will become red and bumpy. If you have high fever and a red tongue, it is important to see your doctor immediately. Antibiotics are needed for treating scarlet fever.

Kawasaki disease: if you suffer from this particular condition, you may also have a strawberry like appearance of your tongue. It is generally seen in children under the age of five and is accompanied by high fever. This is a serious condition and it needs immediate medical evaluation and treatment.

Your tongue is black and hairy

The papillae on your tongue grow throughout your lifetime. In some cases, in some people they can become excessively long. If that happens they are more likely to harbour bacteria. When the bacteria grow they may look dark or black. Along with that overgrown papillae may look like hairs on your tongue. This is not a very common condition and it is also not very serious. This is generally seen if you do not practice good oral hygiene and so by practicing good oral hygiene, you'll be able to get rid of this problem.

Your tongue is sore or bumpy

If you have some painful bumps on your tongue, it can be because of:

Trauma: if you bite your tongue or scald it by eating something very hot, it can result in a sore tongue, until it heals. If you grind or clients your teeth, that can also irritate the sides of your tongue and may result in pain.

Smoking: smoking can irritate your tongue and that can result in soreness.


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