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Why do you need a tongue scraper?

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You need a tongue scraper for the following reasons-

1. Improves dental health

By scrapping your tongue, you actually help your teeth. If you do not clean your tongue and it is full of bacteria, the bacteria will also spread to other parts of your mouth including your teeth. It may result in gum infections and cause problems for your teeth. If it somehow gets into the cracks between the gums and teeth, it may result in cavities and other dental problems. The bacteria may spread to your throat and cause different types of throat infections. Sometimes, they also spread to the respiratory system. Using a tongue scraper you can clean your tongue and get rid of all the bacteria and the possible future medical problems. By doing that, you can keep your entire mouth healthy.

2. Increase the sense of taste

If you have a white film on your tongue, it will reduce your sense of taste. You feel taste by using the taste buds on your tongue. If the taste buds are covered with the nasty white stuff, you will not get the correct flavor of the food you are eating. Since your taste buds do not get in contact with the food, so you do not get the actual taste of the food, even though it is delicious. When a scrap your tongue, it will help you to eliminate all the bacteria and the white film over your taste buds. With a clean tongue, you’ll be able to enjoy each and every food that you eat.

3. Stimulate your audience

When you clean your tongue, it will also help you to stimulate your organs. When you massage the bottom of your feet, it stimulates different organs, systems and glands in the body. Likewise, when you scrap your tongue, you stimulate different organs of your body. There are various nerve endings present on your tongue and when you scrap it, it will stimulate different organs in your body. When you scrap the tip of your tongue, it stimulates your heart. When you scrap the sides of your tongue, it will stimulate your spleen, liver and gall bladder. Consider it as acupressure for your tongue.

4. Stop toxin reabsorption

Your body has different ways to excrete toxins from the body. Do you want to reabsorb these toxins? Definitely not.

When you’re sleeping, the body works to get rid of different types of chemicals and toxins present in your system. The white film present on your tongue also contains such toxins and chemicals, which your body is trying to eliminate. If you swallow that, then you are sending back the toxins back to your body system. You can avoid such reabsorption by eliminating the white film by scrapping your tongue in the morning. All the bacteria and the toxins will be removed from your tongue and you will not have to worry about the toxins going back to your body.

5. Deal with bad breath

Bad breath or halitosis is a very irritating condition, which makes your social life miserable. It is actually the smell caused by decaying food cells. When you eat food, tiny particles of the foods create a coat inside your mouth. Generally they are washed away by saliva. If there are bacteria present in your mouth, the bacteria will eat those foods. When the bacteria break down the particles, it results in a natural chemical reaction and from that a horrible smell emerges. When millions of decaying food cells are broken down by bacteria, a bad smell arises, which is called as bad breath. When you scrap your tongue, you can get rid of this irritating social life killer.